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Pinterest for your Practice

Posted on Aug 21, 2012 by Solutionreach



    We’ve discussed social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, and the benefit they can have on your practice’s bottom line. However, there is a newer social media heavyweight on the radar that may be equally advantageous for your practice.

    Pinterest is essentially an online bulletin board that allows you to “pin” news, products and other pertinent information to your site for patients to see. As one of the fastest-growing social media markets today, Pinterest is an incredible platform for your practice to communicate with new, potential and existing patients.

    Here are our top 5 tips for engaging patients and growing practice interest through Pinterest:
    1. Create boards that interest both existing and potential patients.  For example, a board dedicated to patient before-and-after photos offers a visual depiction of what your practice can do. Other board topics can include products you like, information on treatments, video testimonials and more.

    2. Name your posts carefully. When titling your boards and pins, try to avoid generic words that can get lost in the shuffle (i.e. “cool” or “interesting”). Be specific and integrate keywords that will optimize your practice’s search results.

    3. Link to relevant articles. Particularly in the medical arena, pinning relevant articles relating to health, science or beauty can act as an educational outlet for your practice.  In turn, this may drive individuals to your office. For example, pinning n article about the importance of annual dental visits  may inspire a patient to schedule an appointment with you.

    4. Offer exclusive deals for Pinterest users. Creating a board dedicated to office deals or discounts exclusively for your Pinterest followers is a great way to garner attention for your site and practice.

    5. Share your pins with your Facebook and Twitter followers. Just as the best place to start when boosting office revenue is with recare for existing patients, a similar approach works when building a Pinterest following. Start with existing followers on other sites and watch your Pinterest followers expand. 

    Rule of thumb when it comes to promoting your practice: staying in the loop with up-and-coming sites like Pinterest keeps your practice relevant, interesting and modern.

    You can check out our Pinterest page at http://www.pinterest.com/solutionreach

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