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Posted on Dec 07, 2015 by Solutionreach




    Practice marketing can be a very challenging and time consuming activity, but if you want to achieve success against your competitors, it’s a necessary activity and should be integrated into your practice budget and time management. Being successful requires two primary components, according to the Harvard Business Review. “The List” is first, which means “getting your materials in front of the right audience. “The Offer” is the second, giving your audience something of value that they will act on.

    Solutionreach wants your practice to be successful, so we have a number of marketing technologies designed to help you save time, save money, and reach your target audience. We help you identify that target audience with Patient Mapping that shows you precisely where your patients are coming from so you can target your efforts more directly, cost efficiently and effectively.

    Our Local Search tool also helps to get your name in front of the audience you are most interested in. Our Active Push and Active Monitor features make sure that your information is getting on the many online directories and being monitored. This frees time and resources in your office to focus on serving your patients.

    To make sure you’re delivering the right message, Solutionreach offers several tools to help you deliver information your patients and potential patients will act on, for example, Patient Reviews. By encouraging patients to review your practice at every touch-point, Solutionreach boosts your local search ranking and automatically improves your online reputation. Using the insight gained from the Active Review feature, links can be inserted into your patient engagement (like e-newsletters or patient surveys) that direct patients to submit reviews where they are needed most.

    What’s better than written reviews? Videos Testimonials from real, live patients bragging about your service! Boost your Google ranking and attract new patients with SR Video, the patient testimonial recording tool that seamlessly posts to your YouTube channel and spreads the Happy Patient Love across the web!

    The number of technologies available to you is nearly unlimited, and you should be using them all to communicate with patients. After all, they are using them. With Solutionreach Unlimited Messaging you can send birthday greetings, appointment openings, service discounts, and any other message you want over the various technologies as often as you want. The key to getting a response is content, so you want to be certain you craft a message that will generate the most responses. Solutionreach can help with that, too.

    The best marketing is synergistic, so incorporating many avenues increases your exposure and the number of responses you get. It can be a complicated process, but Solutionreach has the expertise and cutting-edge technologies to help ensure your success. Check with your representative, or schedule a quick demo to see for yourself what Solutionreach can do for you.

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