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Put an End to Bottom Line Blues with Attention to Recare

Posted on Jun 20, 2012 by Solutionreach


    In this unpredictable economy, many patients are not necessarily in the financial position to try breakthrough procedures or purchase expensive treatments.  But that doesn’t mean a healthcare practice cannot thrive.  The answer to your bottom line blues may be easier than you think: recare. 

    Implementing an effective recare strategy can give your practice the significant boost in profits it needs.

    Here are three tips to ensure you are getting the most from your recare tactics:

    1. Consider your audience.  Limiting your outreach to only the patients who have visited in the last year is selling yourself short.  While it is important to follow through with active patients, it is equally important to communicate with patients who have been dormant for several years.  Oftentimes, when a patient neglects to revisit it is simply a result of forgetfulness.  By just engaging with these “lost” patients you are reminding them to reschedule.

    2. Evaluate how effectively your current recare strategy is working.  Manually sifting through patient files and calling and/or sending appointment reminders by mail can be extremely time-consuming, expensive, and most importantly, inefficient.  Mailers frequently go unnoticed, and files lost.  Automated and efficient patient engagement can tackle the same goals, without the setbacks.  Furthermore, the majority of patients now rely on smartphones and computers for news and information, so a digital message is more likely to be noticed.  By implementing a patient engagement service, your practice can automatically find overdue patients and send them a friendly text message or email reminder to which the patient can easily reply to schedule an appointment. If you’re already using our recare feature as part of your service (it’s included) your off to a great start.

    3. Be consistent with your patient contact.  Waiting several years before reconnecting with patients means they may seek care elsewhere. If your practice is not communicating with patients every six months, you are losing money.  A service like our recare feature is an easy fix to this problem, since it automatically combs through patient records and sends text message and/or email reminders based on message settings you determine for your practice.  You can even track the efficiency of the reminders to see how well they worked!  This is a simple and effective way to show patients they are not forgotten and to prove you care.

    When it comes to thriving in the new economy, you need not look any further than your existing patient roster.  A little attention to recare goes a long way for your patients and for your practice’s bottom line.

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