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Solutionreach 411: Remind, Revive, Resurrect

Posted on Mar 03, 2015 by Solutionreach

    Tips for Customizing your Patient Recall

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    How well are your patients staying current with their recommended regular care visits?

    Improving your patient outreach, recall, and recare, is one of the most important things you can do- both for the benefit of the patient’s health and for the well-being of your business.

    As a Solutionreach customer, you have access to the most powerful tool to ensure continued care success, but are you taking advantage of the most unique capability within your platform? Customizing communication with your patients (so they are receiving appointment reminders at the time and in the way that is most preferred and convenient for them,) will result in the most successful and desirable health outcomes.

    How often you recall your patients is completely up to you. Your platform comes with recommended/default settings, but you always have the ability to change these settings to best fit the needs of your patients and practice. For a point of reference, here’s a look at the platform’s current settings- again, feel free to adjust these as you see fit, depending on availability or patient needs:

    As you discuss with your staff how best to customize your recall settings, here are some suggestions:


      • Patients who don’t prefer to receive messages can be removed from the Recare program or choose to have text/emails notifications turned off.

      • Patients that receive overdue messages are those who have failed to schedule appointments with your practice. They may have moved, switched providers, or they may just be bad at follow-up. It’s often better to send too many messages to these patients than too few.

      • How full is your schedule? The system gives you the option to control how many messages are going out. If you have quite a few empty slots, it may be smart to allow the automated recall to do its thing. But if your schedule is busy, it might be best to limit the number of messages being sent each day.

    • Try to match the timeframe on the Appointment Due Setting with how far out you’re generally booking appointments. If you send messages a week before the due date, but have to schedule a month out, you may end up frustrating patients.

    Here are a few more tips to help you make the most of this feature:

      • The platform includes advanced filter settings that will allow you to address many details for individual patients.

      • You also have the ability to create recall groups that will allow you to send text or email blasts, newsletters, or direct surveys to patients who have been inactive for long periods of time.

    • You can create groups to: market to overdue patients in order to reactivate them; ask why they haven’t returned to see to see what you can do to help them better manage their health; and even create ASAP messaging lists to fill cancellations.


    We would be happy to assist you with maximizing your efforts to keep your patients healthy. If there are any settings you have questions about or any other changes you’re not sure how to make, remember that your dedicated Client Success Representative is always standing by! Don’t hesitate to call!

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