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Share the Wealth

Posted on Jan 08, 2015 by Solutionreach

    ..and let us add to yours!

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    If you aren’t the kind of person who likes to talk up their own success, here’s a bit of incentive to spread the word about the solutions you’ve found with Solutionreach: Solutionreach Referral Rewards.

    Here’s why you should start gabbing:

    Solutionreach will pay you $500 every time you refer someone to Solutionreach.

    It gets better. Your 10th referral is worth $2000.

    So…if you refer 10 people, you’ve just made $6500.

    So go on. Let us pay you to tell your friends why you love Solutionreach.

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    Talk about how Solutionreach will keep their schedule full, put an end to infuriating no-shows, and streamline their practice productivity.

    Tell them about our huge library of pre-written newsletter articles and professionally designed templates.

    Spread the word about our new patient-facing mobile application that improves collections and makes it simple to stay connected with your patients.

    And definitely let them know that every service we offer is included: unlimited messaging, emails, voice calls, a patient portal… you name it.

    To get the details about the Solutionreach Referral Rewards program, check out the webpage.


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