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Simple Ways to Engage Patients and Build Your Practice

Posted on Apr 06, 2018 by Solutionreach

    Use technology to engage patientsWith technology and social media invading every corner of our lives, an increasing number of channels are becoming available for you to engage your patients. Utilizing these new ways to engage your patients can lead to stable relationships, more referrals, and potentially increased profit. And implementing an all-around effective patient engagement system can help position your practice more prominently in the minds of your patients, and in the long run, build your practice.

    If you think you could engage your patients more than you do right now, follow our tips on how to fully engage and connect with your patients.

    Email Marketing – Emailing is becoming the standard mode of communication for businesses. And who knows how many of your patients are using their smartphones daily to keep updated on their email. Send out newsletters, confirmation messages, and group messages to your patients’ email to keep them posted on their appointments, office updates, and promotions.

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    Social Media – You may not realize it, but most of your patients are probably on Facebook and Twitter. It’s as easy as 20 minutes a day to post updates, news, promotions, and more onto your social pages. And it’s even easier for your patients to follow, like, respond or comment.

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    Online Marketing – Your online presence allows your patients and prospects to feel more connected toSocial media, blogging, and email are all important parts of your online marketing your practice since you are more accessible through the Internet. Search engine optimization (SEO) or search engine marketing (SEM) can help increase your visibility in search engine result pages, such as Google, and allow your patients to easily connect with you.

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    Blog – A blog plays such a large role in your social media marketing that we are putting it in its own category. A blog allows your practice to create a second website where your patients go to find reliable and useful information. By writing interesting posts or exclusive promos, you are introducing your patients to a more personal level of your practice. Take full advantage of your blog and reach out to patients and even prospects.

    Download a year's worth of blog topics here.

    Text Messages – Some people prefer to talk via text on their cell phones rather than deal with a phone call. Connect with your patients by texting them appointment reminders and messages. They are sure to be impressed by the tech-savvy move, while also being grateful for the convenient mode of communication and engagement.

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