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Solutionreach and Eyemaginations are Integrating!

Posted on Oct 03, 2013 by Solutionreach

    New Partnership to Promote Targeted Patient EducationThrough Innovative Technology

    Vision professionals, listen up! Today is the day we are announcing our partnership with Eyemaginations

    Our new relationship with the healthcare media company allows us to incorporate their world class educational videos into the Solutionreach platform for vision practices.

    This is a big deal.

    These aren’t your ordinary tools for patient education - they are beautifully animated, highly engaging videos that teach patients about complex topics using simple, visual illustration.

    With the integration, videos will appear within the media tab of the Solutionreach dashboard for vision practices . The videos are then easily inserted into electronic correspondence sent out by the practice (in a fashion similar to inserting the pre-written educational articles that are provided in our newsletter library). 

    With the click of a button, videos can be sent to all of their patients, segmented groups of their patients, or individual patients to effectively educate (and engage) them with videos and information that is targeted to their unique situation or needs.

    The integration is great news for both Solutionreach customers and Eyemaginations subscribers.

    Solutionreach vision customers automatically receive a selection of free videos to use in their outreach efforts, with topics ranging from Glaucoma to the frequency of eye exams required for children.

    Eyemaginations subscribers will have the whole library of videos imported into the Solutionreach dashboard. This allows them to be utilized in ways they couldn’t before, using more efficient and effective electronic correspondence methods.  Because the Solutionreach platform provides easy ways to create groups of patients, sending targeted education to the right patients is simple, customizable and automatable.

    Solutionreach customers in the eyecare industry can very simply subscribe to Eyemaginations from within their Solutionreach dashboard to have access to the full library of videos. Visit the Eyemaginations website to learn more about the amazing tools they offer for patient education at http://www.eyemaginations.com.

    Your patients want to feel like they are considered individually, not as just another patient that disappears from the radar during the time between visits.  Solutionreach helps you deliver the right message, to the right patient, at the right time, to make every patient the only patient. 

    By incorporating videos from Eyemaginations, achieving that goal just became even easier.

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