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Solutionreach Honored by Utah Business as a Fast 50 Business for 2016

Posted on Aug 19, 2016 by Solutionreach



    Solutionreach was once again recognized by Utah Business Magazine as one of the 50 fastest growing companies in Utah. Our exceptional growth this year landed us at number 29 on the list, ahead of our 48th place finish in 2015.

    The top finisher this year was Crest Financial. CEO Bob Millerburger spoke at an event sponsored by Utah Business Magazine on August 18.

    “All the ups and downs we’ve had, all the problems we’ve had… I just want [my team] all to know that I’m glad you were with us the whole time. I wouldn’t want anybody else,” Millerberg said. “I wish I had some great words of wisdom to tell all the companies, but probably the margin that separates us is relatively small, so anything I’d say would be singing to the choir.”

    That there are so many companies growing so quickly in Utah is remarkable, said Utah Business’ Sam Urie in his welcoming address. Quick growth is indicative of fundamental strengths in a company, he continued: “For me, when a company has been growing quickly over a number of years, it means two things: First, it means you have a product that is meeting a real need. And second, it means that organizationally, you’ve learned how to manage the growth, how to scale up and how to develop leadership in the company.”

    The 50 fastest-growing companies in the state that were honored at the annual awards luncheon were selected and ranked based on financial data submitted to an independent accountant for analysis. In addition to the Fast 50, several companies that have been in business less than five years—the Emerging 8—were recognized for the strides they had gained in their short time doing business.

    To see a complete list of the Fast 50 and Emerging 8, visit the Utah Business site.

    To see why we’re growing so fast, check us out!

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