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Solutionreach Launches Six Month Smiles Campaign

Posted on Apr 29, 2013 by Solutionreach

    Solutionreach has created a patient communication campaign to help graduating dentists of the Six Month Smiles program effectively advertise their new 6MS services. 

    These six customizable email templates from Solutionreach include high quality before-and-after shots of real Six Month Smiles customers, engaging and effective messaging that converts readers to callers, links to dentists’ websites, appointment request links, Six Month Smiles information, refer-a-friend offers for patients and self-assessments for patients to determine their own need for Six Month Smiles.

    You perform a life-changing service with Six-Month Smiles.  Advertise it with Solutionreach.

    How to Get These 6 Email Templates
    If you’re already a Solutionreach customer, call your personal Solutionreach Client Success Representative for more information.

    If you’re not a Solutionreach customer, click here to sign up for a quick demo and let us show you how automated patient communication will grow your practice’s revenue exponentially.

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