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Solutionreach Now Communicates With MaximEyes, Bi-directionally!

Posted on Jun 27, 2013 by Solutionreach


    Solutionreach shares something more than a reputation for innovation with First Insight®, the creators of the cloud-based PM and EHR software, MaximEyes: we are similarly dedicated to using that innovation to help practices achieve the highest level of success. 

    Nitin Rai, President and CEO of First Insight®, in a press release this morning:

    “…we share the commitment to practice excellence through advanced technology and adding quality services for our customers”

    Today, we announced a partnership with First Insight® that will amplify the benefits of that commitment. 

    The partnership will streamline the transfer of information between the MaximEyes software and the Solutionreach platform using bi-directional communication. This functionality uploads MaximEyes data (patient demographics, appointments and billing information) to the Solutionreach platform on a nightly basis, and writes Solutionreach appointment data back to the MaximEyes patient records.

    The integration with MaximEyes is just another step taken to facilitate success for our clients.  The ability to seamlessly transfer information will increase office efficiency for MaximEyes users and enhance communication between the practice and their patients – results that fit snugly within the Solutionreach objective.

    Your success is our goal, and we are thrilled to share that goal with First Insight®.

    For more information on the partnership, please click here to view the press release.

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