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“Solutionreach Saved My Practice During Hurricane Sandy”

Posted on Nov 29, 2012 by Solutionreach


    Imagine—or for those dentists in the Northeast, relive—the horrifying unrest prior to a hurricane’s arrival. A storm the size of Sandy or Katrina waits around the corner, planning to wipeout your town, your home, possibly even your life. The news and local law enforcement warn of sandbags, evacuation plans, emergency preparedness kits and more.

    But unlike other citizens, you’re a doctor with a specialty in smiles. You not only worry about your home and family’s safety, you have a business to protect and a patient list that includes soon-to-be victims who may need your services immediately.

    Luckily, Solutionreach has your back.

    Even when your flooded office has no electricity, you can still reach your patients with the always-ready Solutionreach emergency support, offered free-of-charge to all Solutionreach users.

    Michael Masella D.D.S. learned first-hand the significance of the Solutionreach emergency support feature.

    Solutionreach rescued Dr. Masella’s practice, sending out a customized message to all of his patients—in his name—canceling scheduled appointments and offering his love and prayers for safety. This wasn’t an automated, previously scheduled message. This was an emergency, and the Solutionreach client support team was there for free; much like they were there for Hurricane Katrina victims 7 years ago.

    Hundreds of dental practices have turned to Solutionreach in emergency situations. And every single practice experienced helpful, immediate support that exceeded expectations in their time of need. Click here to learn more about the revolutionary live Solutionreach support team.

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