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SOLUTIONREACH 411: Staff Messaging

Posted on Sep 27, 2013 by Solutionreach

    Amplifying Patient Loyalty and Optimizing Patient Care with Staff Messaging

    In addition to sending, automating and scheduling mass or group messaging, the Solutionreach platform allows you to easily send personal messages to individual patients. Hold on, though. There’s more!

    Do you know that you can also send or schedule messages to staff members?

    Why would I want to send a message to my staff?

    We’ll give you an example that illustrates how staff messaging can increase patient loyalty and positive outcomes. Feel free to switch around the verbiage to make it applicable to your particular vertical, if it helps drive the concept home.

    Fred comes into your office at 1:30 pm. He’s been in excruciating pain ever since the accident he was in last week. You prescribe a painkiller that Fred hasn’t ever used before, making sure he knows about the possible side effects and telling him to call the office if he has questions or concerns.

    White prescription slip in hand, he leaves the office and you move on to the next patient. It’s unlikely that you will speak to Fred about this again. If he has a problem with the painkiller, he will call the office and – at most – one of the medical assistants will address the concerns or switch him to a new prescription.

    Or, you could use the Solutionreach platform to enhance your relationship with Fred.

    Upon checkout, you or your staff can simply go into the Staff section of your Solutionreach dashboard (located at the bottom of the left-hand navigation menu) and schedule a message that will be sent to YOUR phone tonight at 6:00, including Fred’s phone number, his problem, and the treatment you provided (or any information you may find pertinent). You will automatically receive that message tonight, and – very quickly – you can text or call Fred to find out how he is doing. The phone number will be clickable, so you won’t even need to type!

    You can do this very selectively, or make it a routine part of your evening/week. By following up with the patients that may require it, you are reversing the gradual decrease in the personalization of doctor patient relationships.

    By using technology, you’re strengthening your role as their personal care provider. As a result, you will maintain a base of loyal patients that provide valuable referrals and gleaming reviews. More importantly, you will be making a difference in the lives of your patients.

    Better relationships mean better patient engagement. Better patient engagement means better patient care. The better the patient care, the more positive outcomes you’ll be a part of. And… isn’t that why you went into this field in the first place?

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