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Survey Suggests Telemedicine In Taking Off

Posted on Apr 22, 2020 by Lea Chatham

    Solutionreach telehealthThere is no doubt that the advent of COVID-19 has significantly boosted the use of telehealth across all specialties in healthcare. Solutionreach surveyed our customers to find out who is using telemedicine now and what their plans are for the future.



    How many people were surveyed: 949

    • Dental: 436
    • Vision: 261
    • Medical: 252

    Half of practices now have some kind of telemedicine solution in place.

    • Yes 51%
    • No 49%

    It’s clear that while some people weren’t sure exactly when they implemented telemedicine, more than one-third started after February 2020 in response to COVID-19.

    When did you start using telemedicine?

    • Unknown: 58%
    • Before February 2020: 4%
    • After February 2020: 38%

    The good news is that 60 percent are seeing more than half of their appointments through telemedicine right now, which means that they can get many of their patients the care they need and continue bringing in revenue despite current challenges.

    What portion of your appointments are you able to do via telemedicine?

    • Unknown: 23%
    • Less than 25%: 13%
    • 25-49%: 4%
    • 50-75%: 58%
    • 75% or more: 2%

    Finally, it’s likely that telemedicine will see a boost moving forward now that many have had a chance to try it.

    Of those who have something in place now, many are going to continue:

    • Unknown :59%
    • Maybe: 18%
    • Yes: 20%
    • No: 3%

    Of those who aren’t using anything, many are at least considering adding it.

    • Unknown: 51%
    • Yes: 24%
    • Maybe: 17%
    • No: 8%

    In other words when everyone is combined, 44 percent are planning to continue with telehealth or add it moving forward and 35 percent think that they might continue or add it in the future. It seems that telehealth it here to stay. 

    For more information on how you can add telehealth into your workflow, visit www.solutionreach.com/telehealth.

    Lea Chatham

    Lea Chatham

    Lea Chatham is the Director of Content Marketing at Solutionreach and the editor of the SR Health blog. She develops educational resources to help healthcare organizations improve patient engagement. Her work has been published in many leading journals including Physicians Practice and Medical Economics and she has presented webinars for industry groups like MGMA.

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