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Synapse Point CEO Presents Solutionreach Art

Posted on Dec 20, 2012 by Solutionreach

    In an act of generosity and display of incredible talent, Art McCracken, the CEO and Founder of Synapse Point Consulting, presented Solutionreach CEO Jim Higgins with 8 pieces of original, creative paintings that capture the Solutionreach spirit in a manner that words cannot describe.

    The few photos of Art’s presentation to Higgins went viral this week on Facebook and Twitter, prompting fans of both Solutionreach and McCracken’s Synapse Point to chime in with praise and gratitude.

    As one comment described “Art captured their ‘why’ without using words. The pictures are so simple yet so moving. It was a privilege to be at the unveiling.”

    The presentation of the pieces to Higgins and the Solutionreach Business Development team still has them speechless, caught in the emotion and humility of the art and Art’s effort.

    The paintings were so perfect, in fact, that Solutionreach has decided to use them on some marketing materials to show off the successful patient engagement company.

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