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The Difference Indifference Can Make

Posted on May 02, 2017 by Alyessa D'Ewart

    We’ve all had bad customer service experiences. Times when your waiter or waitress at a restaurant seemed to look right through your table, or you called a customer service number for help with your Internet or cable and the person on the other end of the phone was rude. Sure, after some of these bad customer service experiences you can look back and laugh at them, and some even become ongoing jokes about how terrible you were treated. But almost all bad customer service stories have one thing in common—the customer doesn’t come back.   

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    With healthcare practices popping up on every corner, patients are usually able to choose from a variety of providers when they need treatment. So what is it that makes your patients start to look for a different practice? Usually it’s the way they have been treated. About 70% of patients who decide to go to a new provider do so because they were treated with indifference at their previous provider. That doesn’t mean they had a bad experience, they just didn’t have a great one. And just like a customer’s experience anywhere else, a patient’s experience in your office is what will keep them coming back.

    What is it that makes your patients start to look for a different practice? Usually it's the way they have been treated.

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    Sometimes it can be easy to get caught up in the day-to-day tasks to make your practice run, but remembering to slow down and create a good experience for your patients is important in making sure your practice continues to grow. It is much easier to retain your existing patients than it is to attract new ones, so take the time to make your patients comfortable. Your front office staff is great at making patients feel comfortable and building those face-to-face relationships. PRM software can manage a lot of those behind-the-scenes tasks to keep your practice going and give your staff more time to make connections with your patients.

    The patient experience doesn’t just exist between the four walls of your practice. It extends to the way you connect with them between visits as well. Sending educational newsletters to your patients with information specific to a condition they have or may be at risk for is a great way to help educate them. Emails with information about a special your practice is running or an event you are hosting is also a good way to let your patients know you care about them. Your patients want to feel valued, and keeping the patient experience in mind as you interact with them, both in and out of your office, will help you make sure your patients continue booking at your practice, instead of looking for another provider.

    To learn more about how PRM software can help improve the patient experience in your office click here.

    Alyessa D'Ewart

    Alyessa D'Ewart

    Alyessa D’Ewart is a content writer at Solutionreach. She holds a master’s degree in professional communication from Weber State University. Alyessa has spent the last three years cultivating her technical writing skills by creating content for a variety of platforms including marketing collateral, website pages, and corporate blogs. As an avid fan of the written word, she can usually be found curled up with a good book.

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