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The Missing Piece of Patient Relationship Management

Posted on Aug 20, 2014 by Solutionreach

    The future of healthcare fits in your pocket.

    Think about it.

    Your patients have their phone attached to them all day. It sits on their nightstand (or under their pillow) all night.

    They have apps that keep them connected to everyone, whenever they want and wherever they are. They use apps that update them on everything from sports stats to funny cat facts.

    Yet, when they need to schedule a healthcare appointment, make a payment, or ask their care provider a question, they go back to the days of phone tag and voicemails.

    If the purpose of technology is to make our lives more convenient…why is it still so hard to talk to your doctor?

    It’s not, anymore. The future has arrived, and it’s changing the patient engagement game forever.

    It’s called PatientReach Mobile; a (free) mobile application for patients from their healthcare provider. By tapping into the same technology that keeps people connected to each other, PatientReach will be able to keep your patients connected to you!

    Patient Mobile App

    Patient Reach Mobile isn’t just a run-of-the-mill smartphone app. Here are some of the features and benefits it brings to patient relationship management:

    HIPAA Secure Text Messaging
    The application allows practice staff and patients to exchange HIPAA secure messages, complete with file/image attachments. Like a patient portal, privacy regulations are upheld with the app’s messaging, but the difference comes in the ease of accessibility. 

    It’s as easy for the patient as clicking into the application and reading or sending what appears to be a text message. The messages are easily received and responded to by practice staff.

    Pre-procedure instructions. Follow-up outreach. Appointment rescheduling. Post-appointment Q&A. Friendly check-ins. If you can talk about it, you can text it.

    Appointment Management
    Patients can click into the appointment section of the application to view previous or upcoming appointments. This screen allows them to:

    • Confirm upcoming appointments (sent directly to you)
    • Set their own appointment reminders for upcoming visits
    • Add appointments to their eCalendar
    • Request a new appointment

    Payment Collection
    The payment features of the patient application have the most obvious impact on your revenue.

    Patients receive a notification when they have an outstanding balance, and they can view their invoice and submit a mobile payment right from their phone.

    What does this pre-perfected mobile patient app cost, you ask?

    Well, see, here is the thing about Solutionreach:  everything is included. It started with appointment reminders and automated patient outreach, but new solutions are continually being added on to the patient engagement platform—and they’re all available for you to use.

    It’s revolutionary healthcare. Call your Solutionreach representative to learn how to get your practice set up, and start engaging your patients anywhere they are.


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