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The PRODUCTIVE Waiting Room ...it’s not just for waiting anymore!

Posted on Jun 25, 2013 by Solutionreach


    Technology is bolstering doctor-patient relationships with the use of everything from appointment reminders to social media, but neither the waiting room nor the clipboard has progressed much. Until now!

    Today, Solutionreach is announcing the release of PatientReach, the digital check-in tool that will transform your waiting room into a productive room.

    Click here to read the press release on the Wall Street Journal!

    PatientReach is an iPad application that replaces the clipboard, engaging your patients and increasing office efficiency. Your staff merely hands the iPad to incoming patients, who then proceed through the automated check-in.

    PatientReach increases office efficiency and data fidelity by allowing your patients to electronically update their personal and insurance information, read and sign legal forms, and post online patient reviews. By eliminating the office staff’s need for printing; scanning; shredding; deciphering illegible handwriting; and verbally verifying data, PatientReach saves immeasurable amounts of time and money for your practice.

    Your patients are engaged with point-of-care education opportunities. They can select from a group of healthcare articles customized by you, which are emailed to the patient to read at their convenience. This interaction promotes their involvement in their healthcare, and establishes another point of engagement between you and your patients.

    PatientReach also prompts them to log-in to the online patient portal where they can pay bills, schedule appointments, send and receive secure email with the doctor or staff and change their communication preferences.

    PatientReach is available for download in the Apple App store and is designed to work on iPad2 and above as well as the iPad mini. Visit www.solutionreach.com/patientreach for more information!

    Practice Driven. Patient Centered. Solutionreach.

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