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Top 10: Types of Content

Posted on Jan 02, 2018 by Rebecca Curtis

    Content is king for healthcare practice marketingIt’s the first week of 2018 and now is the perfect time to put a content strategy for the year in place and make sure you have a working editorial calendar to keep everything organized.

    But wait, what is content?

    Simply put, content is anything aural, textual, or visual that is part of the user experience online. Maybe you have heard the phrase “content is king?"  This is a phrase that was first said by Bill Gates in 1996. Since then, many experts in the online world have added on to it to bring it to modern times.

    In 1996, the online marketing world was a brand new frontier and the leaders of the pack were those who were churning out the most content. But fast-forward twelve years to where we are about to enter 2018 and the online story is vastly different. With the online world suddenly as congested as an L.A. freeway, it is not so much the quantity, but quality of content that matters.

    To help you get that editorial calendar ready, here are ten types of content to consider that will help you stand out from the crowd in 2018:


    Information + Images = Better Comprehension.  That's why infographics are so powerful. There are a few different types of infographics that you can use, do the research and find out type fits for your topic. Take a look at some examples of infographics hereDon’t have an amazing design team to make an infographic for your practice? Try Canva for a simplified version using templates.


    We are a visual society, and platforms online like Instagram and Snapchat prove that having visual content helps to open the door to conversation. Get visual. There are so many ways to do this and one of the best ways is through the humor of a well made meme. A meme is an image with text on top of it that captions the image. This adds humor and personality to any content. Just always make sure you run your meme by multiple audiences to make sure you keeping it clean.Practice marketing starts with content

    Blog Posts

    A while back Solutionreach posted about the importance of having a blog for your practice. In case you need a refresher click here. We know it's hard, but it's totally worth it! Add images into your blog and they are great content for sharing in emails, newsletters, and on social media.

    Guides/How To’s/Tips

    Be honest, how many of you have read an article just for the tip? I know I have. Be a leader in your area. Do you know how to do an unique skill? Write a guide, a simple “how to” that you can share as content to help your audience learn from your expert knowledge. Simplify this into tips that you can share in email, or online on social media.

    Live Video

    Video is the largest content trend online right now. With platforms like Facebook making it easy to use, jump on the train and start connecting directly with your audience. Live video is a great way to show a more human, unedited side to you and your practice. This direct access allows your audience to feel a more authentic connection with you and your staff.


    Regular video is recorded and edited before sharing. Be sure to add captions for online sharing and you can use this medium for any topic. Pretty much every topic can have a video element. Try simple demos and introduction videos of you and your staff that are shorter for online, and social media sharing.


    Like this one! Everyone loves a good list, easy to read, easy to share. Make sure you are creating lists on topics your audience is interested in, and wants to learn about. Keep them short, simple, and to the point.

    Content builds practice marketingWebinars

    Webinars are amazing. When they are done right, they can be so effective and educational. Take the time to plan out your webinar, create user-friendly slides, and plan how to engage with your listeners during or after the presentation. Use email, newsletters, and social media to promote your webinar and share follow-up information after. Practice by partnering with others or participating in webinars (Like this one) often.


    There is a reason that the hashtags #MondayMotivation #TuesdayThoughts #WednesdayWisdom are trending each week. Online users love inspirational words. Using online programs like Adobe Spark to make shareables from a list of quotes that motivate and inspire you and your staff. Also include quotes from any articles or interviews you have done. These make great additions into your content feed.

    User Generated Content

    I will let you in on a secret, not all content has to be created by you. What? I know. It’s shocking. But you have amazing patients and online followers—use them! Get a hashtag and ask them to use it for a chance to be shared on your social media platforms. That’s it. Now you have lots of content to pick from to use on your own social media feeds. Let your audience speak for you, pick carefully and then sit back and enjoy.

    Content may be king. But what keeps content sitting on the throne is how it is used, and what types of content you are using. Grab a piece of the content crown in 2018 and try these ten types of content in your editorial calendar.

    Planning out 2018? Be sure to read the "17 Questions to Get a Running Start in 2018" today. 

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    Rebecca Curtis

    Rebecca Curtis

    Rebecca Curtis is a social media guru who helps businesses connect with their clients on an individual level. She holds a BS in English Literature from Utah Valley University. Rebecca knows that power of social media can change not only personal lives, but business lives as well. Rebecca has honed her social media skills working as a creative producer, event producer and social media consultant for companies such as Big Talk Media, WedUtah, Utah Fashion Week, and Entrepreneur Simplified. Rebecca currently leverages her talents as the Social Media Coordinator at Solutionreach.

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