How Can I Get Patients to Pay Their Bills?
Payment collection is one of the biggest headaches for most healthcare providers. In today's SolutionTeach FAQ series, we address this "question for the ages."   You can also read more about ...
Wondering How to Improving Billing?
Billing is one of the least favorite aspects of practice management for nearly everyone. Find out how to get luck on your side when it comes to patient billing.
Using Digital Solutions to Make Billing Easier (and More Effective!)
There is some really interesting data out there about how the method you use to bill patients can make a big difference in successfully receiving payment. Check out this fun infographic to learn more.
Get a Firsthand Look at SR Pay for Faster Patient Payments
Patient payments have been a steadily growing piece of your practice revenue. The longer it takes to collect those balances, the less you get paid. See how you can speed up patient billing with SR ...
How to Get Patients to Respond to Invoices
College Avenue Vision Clinic provides the Houghton, Michigan community with comprehensive eye and vision wellness services. The team strives to provide every patient with excellent customer service ...

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