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Using Your Action List to Reduce No-Shows

Posted on Nov 28, 2016 by Solutionreach



    No-shows will always be one of the most pressing concerns within any practice. In fact, statistics show that one in every five patients will either cancel with short notice or fail to show completely, with no communication. And the number one reason that consistently comes up when patients are asked why they were absent for their scheduled appointment: “I just forgot.”

    While using Solutioneach to automatically message patients is far more effective at reaching them and at getting confirmations, thus reducing no-shows, there will always be patients who don’t follow-up, don’t read, or don’t respond to your messages. Fortunately, the Action List presents a quick list of which patients have confirmed and which patients have not. You can just show-up in the morning, see which patients require a quick call, and make sure your schedule will be completely full for the day.

    1. Once you are logged into your Solutionreach account locate the Action List near the top of the left-hand navigation menu.

    2. Navigate to the section of the Action List titled Today’s Appointments. Here you will find the schedule for the day as well as patient’s confirmation status.


    3. Click on the Actions menu on the right-hand side of the page, and select Direct Message. This will allow you to quickly message the unconfirmed patient via email and text to remind them of their appointment. You can also view the patient’s Contact Info if you would prefer to call them.

    4. That’s it!  Following these easy steps on the Action List is a great way to help prevent no-shows for future appointments.

    For more information on how automation can help your practice be more efficient, click here!

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