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We are Patients Too: Aubrey Kingsford

Posted on Aug 21, 2017 by Aubrey Kingsford

    This is one in a series of "We are patients too" posts highlighting healthcare experiences from Solutionreach employees. To read past posts click here and here
    My name is Aubrey Kingsford and I want to share my story with you.
    My son Tanner has a skin disorder. His skin cells don't bind together properly, making his skin crack and leaving him susceptible to many infections. Because of this, he spent most of his earliest years indoors. He couldn't grow eyebrows and we had to keep his head shaved for easier application of medications.
    tanner-2.jpgNo kid comes with a manual, but having a child with health issues I felt so lost and alone. That feeling of helplessness and isolation on top of feeling impotent to help him... just heartbreaking.
    My husband and I took turns sleeping on the floor next to his bed to hold his hands while he slept. If we didn't, he'd scratch in his sleep to the point his cloths and sheets would be bloodied. Long car rides were out of the question because, while stuck in his carseat,  he'd dig his fingernails into his cheeks until he bled. 
    I was tired of the same old process: meet a new doctor who just sees eczema on a child and prescribes a steroid cream on his way out the door. Each doctor we went to tried the same steroids to no avail. We had tried every moisturizer known to man, and were getting tired of every well-intentioned "oh have you tried this xyz cream? I swear it fixes everything!"
    My brother worked in the sales department at Solutionreach and told me about a wellness clinic in my area that was a Solutionreach client. I figured I'd try it out since we'd spent so much time and money bouncing from doctor to doctor and nothing had worked.
    After meeting with this new clinic (Peterson Wellness!) and coming home with a very different treatment plan than we'd experienced before, I received a text message. The message thanked me for trusting their office with the care of my son, and told me they loved meeting with him.
    The message was so personal and came at just the right moment. I remember sitting on my floor playing with my son when I heard the message tone. I wouldn't have answered a call from the doctor's office because I was feeling a bit overwhelmed at the time, but a message is quick and easy to read.
    I pulled my Tanner wellphone out, read the message, and wept.
    I finally felt heard. For the first time in his life, I felt like we'd found an office that cared about him as a person and not just some patient with insurance that they could bleed dry.
    We continued seeing the providers at this clinic for a few months, and for the first time ever my son Tanner was able to go outside barefoot and run in the grass! He ran with his brothers! He then came up to me in his 3 year old excitement and exclaimed, "Mommy! Mommy! The grass tickles my toes!!"
    I will never forget the smile on his face that day. 
    I reached back out to my brother at Solutionreach and said "I'm coming!" My husband quit his job, we packed up and moved to Utah County, and I've been working at Solutionreach in the sales department ever since.
    I know that what we do changes lives! My son was just one patient. I was just one parent at that practice. If my life was changed so much by the personal touch we provide, how many more lives can be changed? How much MORE hope can people feel after leaving an office?
    And that's why I'm here. 
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