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Hassle Free Web Design

Posted on Feb 09, 2015 by Solutionreach

    Practice Website Options for any Budget


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    We’ve been talking a lot about online presence on this blog lately—who can blame us? It’s important, especially when so many healthcare practices struggle to keep up with the relentless digital trend forward. We’re here to help!

    Amy LaVange talked about creating an effective practice website in these posts (here and here) awhile back. These 14 steps give excellent insights on why your website is so important and how to maximize its effectiveness. But we know that if you’re pinching your pennies, you can’t afford to hire out a fancy web developer. An average custom website can cost $6000! And that’s on the low end (more specific information here and here)!

    Never fear! Free and cheap web design options are here!

    Here are a couple of tools you can use to create your website at little to no cost, with relatively little hassle and time to boot! I will list them from lowest to highest quality, factoring in low price as a score boosting item. I’ve also linked more in-depth, professional reviews to each web design tool in each description.

    1. IM Creator – Free to $9.95/mo for Premium (contact them for Pro level pricing)
    Pretty basic design tools. Honestly not the best option, but very user friendly. This will help you get a website up fast.

    2. MoonFruit – Free to $35/mo
    This service is not as sleek and new as the other softwares, but their $12/mo package has an impressive range of features that would be perfectly adequate for the average healthcare practice, including mobile support, a shop, and integration with Facebook.

    3. GoDaddy - $1/mo to $10.99/mo
    GoDaddy is very user friendly, has awesome support, and a lot of themes to choose from (over 300); however, it has poor mobile capability and e-Commerce. The low prices are only good for the first year- they get hiked up upon renewal.

    4. Weebly – Free to $19.54/mo
    User friendly, lots of templates to choose from; also, a mobile version of your site is automatically created! Use at least the Pro level ($6.63/mo), or else you won’t be able to create enough pages to have a fully functional website.

    5. Wix  - Free to $29.90/mo
    This designer has over 500 attractive templates to choose from, with great support and an easy to use interface. There are ads on the free version, and the eCommerce is good for simple needs. The $16.17/mo option is recommended.

    6. Squarespace - $8/mo to $24/mo
    This is a super classy web designer. There is no free option, but the support and e-Learning is fantastic, and all their layouts are optimized for mobile. The $16/mo option is recommended for the needs of most healthcare practices.

    7. Jimdo – Free to $20/mo
    Great eCommerce, excellent support, automatic mobile formatting, and the free version is great (though there are ads on it); enough for a very functional site.

    As a freebie, here is a link to some free web design templates from Squarespace, Weebly, and Wix, thanks to Website Builder Expert.
    Now, you are armed to create an attractive, functional website in no time, without paying an arm and a leg. Look forward to an article next week about cheap and free image design tools to assist you in your web building and maintenance efforts.


    About the Author:

    Eden Moss is a prized asset at Solutionreach. As an expert on our service and the platform features, Eden ensures that new Solutionreach users have the information they need to get up, running, and improving their practice as quickly as possible. Eden’s expertise has helped countless practices customize the platform to meet their unique goals and maximize the success of the Solutionreach service.

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