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Webinar Teaches the Value of Patient Engagement

Posted on Aug 06, 2012 by Solutionreach

    In a recent webinar-turned-video, medical/dental practice consultants Joseph Stith and Eddie Quintero of Solutionreach share the importance of patient engagement using modern technology. Extending your practice’s friendly front desk to the digital world is imperative to continued success, from simple recare and appointment reminders via text message, to patient surveys and online patient satisfaction reviews.

    A perfectly run practice does not guarantee a perfect reputation. Dissatisfied patients always arise. It only takes one active, tech-savvy, loud, dissatisfied patient to ruin an entire practice by destroying your online reputation and repeatedly spreading negative reviews through social media.

    Joseph and Eddie explain how ignoring your online reputation won’t make you better. Solutionreach monitors your online reputation across dozens of patient review sites (like Yelp and Judy’s Book) and social media outlets (like Facebook and Twitter).

    Youtube now ranks second among the world’s most-used search engines, which means a positive video can multiply your search hits and expand your reputation. Joseph and Eddie explain what type of video to make and how Solutionreach video tools make production and uploading simple and effective.

    For your business, social media is like hyperactive word-of-mouth marketing. Solutionreach lights the fuse of your social media profile, igniting positive patient interaction that’s shared among hundreds of potential patients. For example, Joseph and Eddie show the significance of a patient simply “Checking In” to your business on Facebook.

    By engaging your patients and managing your outside-the-office patient communications, online reputation, patient feedback, social media and local listings, your practice becomes more lucrative and more efficient.

    The full transcript of the video is below. If you’re searching for specific know-how, just hit CTRL-F and type in the keyword to find the topic Joseph and Eddie discuss.

    Katy: Hello everyone and welcome to Game On, Social Media and Reputation made easy, sponsored by Solutionreach. I am Katy and I am a training specialist with Eyefinity.

    Today I have the pleasure of being joined by Joseph A. Stith, and Eddie Quintero [SP]. Joseph is a pioneer in coaching dentists and medical professionals and Joseph has been assisting dentists in building high performance work teams since 1985. Formerly a marine drill instructor with unique leadership training, he combines his education with real-world experience for powerful instruction and substantial success. Joseph is currently the director of business development and product engagement for Solutionreach.

    We are also joined by Eddie Quintero. Eddie grew up wanting to explore his artistic vision of the world; using every medium he could get his hands on. Everything from watercolors to charcoal, and over time found his true love, photography and videography. In high school he was awarded the Springfield Museum of Arts Best of Show 2002, for his photograph submission titled “Juggernaut”. Eddie studied at Salt Lake Community College under master photographer Terry Martin, and has worked on many photography and film projects for companies such as Nordstrom and Barnes and Noble Bookstores. In his spare time, Eddie works for Apple Inc. As a certified ‘Mac Genius’ repairing computers and mobile devices, teaching workshops and photographing product launches for Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California. He loves the great outdoors and is a competitive cyclist. Welcome Eddie and Joseph, I will go ahead and hand that presenter ball on over to you.

    Stith: Thank you Katy, pleasure to be here.

    Quintero: Thanks Katy.

    Eddie: As you may already know, Solutionreach started as small appointment reminder tool and built the Engage platform. They not only revolutionized patient engagement, they created an industry. An industry to support optometrists, to build a relationship with their patients. Eye care professionals can now easily remind their patients about coming appointments, confirm that they will be there, follow up with surveys of their experience, and promote their practice with monthly newsletters. All using a piece of technology that almost everyone has in their pocket: a cellphone or smartphone.

    Joseph: As a consultant I actually remember twelve years ago, when my client told me about this new technology. And I watched how Solutionreach has stayed ahead of technology by about a year or two, and stayed on the cutting edge of a really exciting new field.

    Eddie: Absolutely. You know, as we continue to grow and really strive to create new ways to really connect eye care professionals to their patient base, we started looking at social media sites, really as a vehicle to take you forward. Sites like Facebook are being used now, more than ever. To find honest patient reviews about companies and services, as well as recommendations on who to shop with.

    Joseph: Because it really is about building relationships. The platform itself, with appointment reminders and newsletters, was intended to begin a new effort: to better facilitate allowing a doctor to communicate with a high-tech – but at the same time – with a very high-touch patient base.

    Eddie: Absolutely.

    Joseph: And now with social media, we’re able to extend that reach and those technologies even further.

    Eddie: Right. But do you know Joseph, the Internet is a really big place?

    Joseph: Yeah.

    Eddie: And we know it can be really intimidated to try and rein in your patient reviews, especially if you have an upset customer like Christian Bale.

    Joseph: Invariably we get questions all the time: “But what do I do if I get a bad review, what do I do?” And the fear that comes with working in this environment, knowing that you could get a less-than-favorable response to a survey.

    Eddie: Right, right. And plus, there really are so many patient review sites. It can be really intimidating to think you have to manage all of them, and log in for that first time and see what they’re saying about you.

    Joseph: The key is making this simple enough, for an optometrist to be able to focus on doing what they do best; and not have to be experts in marketing or in social networking, which very few are.

    Eddie: Exactly. So, we really aim to give you a voice to respond to what’s being said on the web. Because, as I’m sure you really know, ignoring it definitely isn’t going to make it any better.
    So we created a multi-tool to extend your reach. That multi-tool has a lot of features, and we’re going to be talking about a handful of them today. But it begins with a feature called active presence, which has three main pieces we’re going to be going over.

    Active Push, Active Review and Active Monitor.
    Okay, so starting from the top. Active Push is really a web profile for your practice, which is helping to get your name out on the web. Our goal is to really help you with something called search engine optimization. (SEO)

    So, what that is, if I can take a step back and describe that, is when you go to something like Google, you type in “Utah eye care professionals” and it gives you pages and pages of responses, right? Well, our goal is to try and help you stay on top of that. Make sure that we can help you be within the top search results, if you will. That’s what search engine optimization really is.

    Joseph: In fact, what we’ve come to learn is that whenever you search for something online, what you generally get is dependent upon two things: is the information current, and has the information been consistent as it’s been fed to various different directory sites throughout the web?

    Eddie: So on this Active Push profile page, patient reviews can be published here and subsequently those are collected by Google. Which is going to help you keep a positive web reputation or what we call “webutation”. The really great thing about this Active Push profile is that prospective and current customers can request an appointment easily. And, this page will host any video testimonials you’ll have, which, don’t worry, we’re going to talk about that more in half a minute or two.

    Joseph: So Eddie, if someone has a website already, how does this microsite, if you will, fit into their website? Is it something they can link to, is it something that runs in the background, how does that work?

    Eddie: Well, you can have both. So what you could have is your own independent site and this as well. Or if you know the person who designed that website for you, it’s pretty easy to grab that information and have it posted, or just a simple link on your website as well.

    Joseph: Regardless, having this additional site will advance your ranking and your visibility…

    Eddie: Exactly.

    Joseph: ...on the web. 

    Eddie: Exactly. Kind of the way that works is that Google really listens to see the conversations that are being held about you. No matter what that is. Whether it be a conversation in Facebook or something as simple as a patient review on your Active Push profile page. So, you know, on the back end, that’s what the customer experiences, but on the back end, editing that page is really, really simple.

    And what’s really great is that we push all this information to 250-plus directory sites. And the really great thing is that one of our client success reps will actually help you go through this and get the most out of it by helping you enter all the information in that we can. So, for example, if you have really specific hours of operation. If you have a really unique insurance that you accept, you can bet that people are going to be searching for that. And you definitely want to take advantage of having that information in your Active Push profile.

    Joseph: In fact, it’s one of the very first services we provide with our client success representatives; is to activate this Active Profile page and then begin pushing this out automatically every month without you even having to think about it. If you even try to manage even three to five directory sites, on your own manually, it would be a nightmare.

    Eddie: Yeah.

    Joseph: This is done automatically to increase your visibility, and your standing on the web. And remember, we’re talking about, is the information current and has it been consistent? And that’s something we take care of for you.

    Eddie: Right, right. And Joseph, the really great thing is that we’ll help you go through and enter in the specialties field and the certifications field. Now I just spend a little bit more time on those two fields. Because those act as tags, as far as search engines are concerned. So, the more information that you put in there, the better. So, if you carry a really unique brand of sunglasses, I don’t know, maybe you have Tom Ford in stock, you definitely want to list that you are a Tom Ford carrier.

    Or if you’ve won the Best in State, you definitely, definitely want to enter that in the certifications field. Because people will definitely be searching for that, and this will help you climb those ranks.
    So primarily we’ve been talking about patient reviews, which can come from a lot of different place. First, someone can leave your office and they can just go log into Google, and they can type a review about you and you really have no control over that whatsoever. So what we do is we preemptively engage that and what we want to do is give you the ability to direct customers to specific feedback sites. That will happen in one of two ways.

    First, when they receive a appointment reminder message, you can see down there at the bottom you see that blue balloon. That is the button to submit a patient review about your office. So there’s one. And the next is when they fill a post-appointment survey out. So at the very bottom of that as well there will be a text field and they can write their response about you as well.

    Joseph: There’s an entire science behind post-appointment surveys, and the value that those represent to your practice. One of the best things that it can do, regardless of the response, is that it sends a message to your patient base that you are listening. That you care about what they think and giving them a vehicle to respond if they have something particularly noteworthy, both good or bad.

    Eddie: Exactly.

    Joseph: But with that last question that we specifically make an open-ended question, so that they actually have to type in a comment. That allows us to take that information, post that on the micro-site and then, as I understand it, Eddie, Google – seeing that micro-site as a website with content about your practice, then scrapes that and puts that on Google rating sites.

    Eddie: That’s exactly right. That’s exactly right. Now, the really great thing is that we also give you the ability to direct people to specific sites. And you might be thinking, “Well, how is that helpful?” Well, if you receive a poor review on Google, what you can do is send all future patient reviews there. You never have the ability to edit someone’s review about your office, or delete that review. But what you can do is show how many people really love your service and hopefully kind of bury that negative review with all these glowing positive reviews about your practice.

    Joseph: You will be surprised how many positive patient reviews you get. Initially you’re always afraid of what your patients are going to say, but 99.9% of all the feedback you get will be positive.

    Eddie: Exactly, exactly. And you know, in our research we found that it’s really important to respond to both negative and positive reviews. Personally, any time I visit a feedback site, I am always a little concerned when I only see positive patient reviews. Furthermore, I’m always more impressed when the company cares enough to not only address negative feedback that whole squeaky wheel gets the oil kind of thing, but positive as well.

    Joseph: And believe me, Google notices as well, through their algorithms. If a site is scrubbed clean and completely sanitized, it doesn’t have the rankings that a site with both positive and relatively less than positive or negative comments will have.

    Eddie: Right.

    Joseph: It makes it real. It’s more authentic, it’s more believable.

    Eddie: Exactly, exactly. And you know, personally, if it was my eye care provider doing that replying you can bet that I’d tell all my friends about that, because that’s a really rare thing. Plus, the other thing is that we’re an aggregator with Google. Now let’s talk a little bit for a moment about what that means. Google also has a review feature on their website, so you type in eye care professionals in Utah, you get a whole list. Then as you click on their local listing, you’ll see information about their practice. For example, their address, maybe pictures of their office, and then Google will show the top three reviews from Google. They always show theirs first. But below that, you’re actually going to see something that says ‘More reviews from around the web’ Smile Reminder or Solutionreach. And you click that and there is going to be all of your reviews.

    Okay, so moving forward. The last feature of that active presence is active monitor and this really is to help you keep a bird’s eye view of the reviews that are posted to the nine major search sites and help you respond to both positive and negative feedback, right there in the Solutionreach platform. So, in the top you can see your webutation for this period and once again, web reputation, for this period. You can change that to either last 30, 60 or 90 days. Then below that, you’ve got a snapshot review of how your webutation is stacking up.  So you can see 22 patient reviews from Judy’s Book, nine from Google, one from City Search, so on and so forth. Now, the colored bars to the left of each one are showing what my webutation is on that site. So, green for Judy’s Book, yellow for DR.Oogle, I definitely want to keep an eye on that and respond to that negative review, and as soon as I can reply to the MerchantCircle and Superpages reviews.

    Joseph: I think of this as like a dashboard, where the nine major patient review sites have all been pulled together so that I can better manage these without having to go to them individually. Which I would probably never be able to do anyway, but sporadically learn that maybe someone’s made a bad comment about me.

    Eddie: Exactly.

    Joseph: Here, we’ve pulled it all together so that, at a glance you can see what your webutation is.

    Eddie: Exactly.

    Joseph: At any given time.

    Eddie: Plus you have the ability to compare against yourself. So how your reviews have compared since you started using active presence, and also a comparison with other Solutionreach customers around the world, and Solutionreach customers in your State. And below that is where you’re going to have a breakdown of those reviews. So you can see there’s that top one in Google coming from TJ Pete. Well, the really great thing is, in our platform right there you can respond to that review.

    Joseph: So, if I clicked on Google, for instance, where it says “Nine reviews” it would transport me as a hotlink right into that page, right to Google.

    Eddie: Exactly, your local listing directly with Google and you’ll see all those patient reviews as well.

    Joseph: Let’s share with them now, how you would use our system to easily manage their reputation by, for instance, solving or maybe what we refer to as “minimizing” that negative comment at MerchantCircle.

    Eddie: Okay. Well, here’s the first thing that I would do. Personally I’d respond to that feedback as fast as I could. If the person left it with their full name I would even go as far as to contact them and maybe apologize for the experience they’ve had. Maybe learn a little bit more about what we could have done better. The next thing that I’d do is post something on MerchantCircle saying once again, “My apologies for such a poor service, why don’t you come back, we’ll give you 10% off of your next prescription refill” Something like that, or, once again, we have the ability to direct future reviews there. So I would send all my future reviews to MerchantCircle so that even though well, great, I’ve responded to that negative review, but I’m also going to try and bury it with those positive reviews, as well.

    Joseph: And that’s how you would suppress that. Then once you have more positive comments in that area, then you can go to the next lowest and do the same thing by sending all of your review traffic through that site, and equalizing it, giving it perspective with the other great comments that you are getting.

    Eddie: Exactly right, exactly right.

    Joseph: You know, there’s another thing here we should mention and that is that our system actually allows a doctor to receive like a trigger notification, if someone was to make a poor comment on that post-appointment patient survey. You can actually have the doctor or the office manager get an immediate notification that they’ve made a comment that was less than satisfactory. So that you can increase your responsiveness and that will have an effect on your social networking webutation, as well.

    Eddie: Yeah, exactly. That way you can see exactly when, let’s look at that review at the bottom with TJ Pete You can see that it was left on May 12th 2011. Well if you respond ten days later it lowers your credibility, personally in my opinion. But if you reply to that review right then and there that’s huge. That really speaks volumes of your dedication to your practice. Okay, so let’s move forward. Then my favorite part of our platform is SR video. The whole reason being is that if a picture is worth a thousand words, then imagine just how powerful a video testimonial is. And the really great thing is that with our platform, a patient can record an honest testimonial whether in the office or at home. So if you know someone’s on a rush as they’re leaving your office, “Oh I’ve got to go, I’ve got to go.” You can email them a link so that at home they just click that link and they can start recording an honest testimonial about your practice.

    Joseph: For years I’ve been telling my clients the importance of adding simple video testimonials to their website, but it’s never been an easy thing to do, I mean, really. And now the advantage of having YouTube and simple devices that can capture video, it is very cool and very trendy to have YouTube quality type video, right?

    Eddie: Couldn’t agree more. Couldn’t agree more. No matter how the video’s captured, whether it’s in your office or your home, the process is always the same. You’re going to review that material, and choose to publish it. Keep in mind that YouTube is the second most searched site, only to Google, which is number one. So publishing it directly to YouTube is huge. You can also send that once again to Google, Yahoo Video, your own website and once again, this can also be published to your active push profile page. And you know, when it comes to SR Video it’s not limited to just testimonials. Some of our offices have taken it a step further and they have recorded a happy birthday message. So what that means, maybe they’re standing behind the desk and they record them all popping out and saying “Happy Birthday” and then you can send that as a link in an email to your patient on their birthday. So what does that look like? Well, they get an email; in that email is a little blue box, looks like a gift. They click on it. It takes them to YouTube where that video plays. And you know, you can access that from any Smartphone. We actually send out our birthday messages around noon. You can choose when you’d like to have it sent out, but we recommend noon because typically people are out with friends and family members, and that becomes another piece of free marketing. And you know, plus those videos go viral really, really quickly.

    Joseph: Yeah, they go viral because those birthday recipients want to show it to their friends, especially who they’re having lunch with. It’s quite a conversational piece.

    Eddie: Exactly.

    Joseph: It’s really fun. You know, and we actually have examples here that we would be willing to send you if you just want to just send us an email at, well you can use my address. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and just put in the subject line “Send me an example birthday video” and we’d be glad to send you a link.

    Eddie: Yeah, I mean, we have tons of ideas of how you can really put SR Video to work. You can also do, once again, not limited to just testimonials or birthday messages. Any kind of message you want to send out to your patient base, maybe about the procedure they just had, recommendations on how to take care of their vision. It’s really a whole new world that you can explore and really take advantage of.

    Joseph: It’s what makes your practice that much more different. It allows you to brand your practice in a way, that sometimes graphics and words just can’t do.

    Eddie: Exactly.

    Joseph: But when people are talking about you and you have your office doing birthday videos and such it gives you a personality. And it’s a personality that’s so critical in social media.

    Eddie: I agree 100%. Now, talking about social media, one of the biggest downfalls of Facebook and Twitter, is that it’s really easy to become captivated by all the status updates, and who’s liking what, and you know, before you know it you’ve spent 12 hours on Facebook, and that’s something that we hear from practices all the time. Is that they are worried they are going to hire someone to manage their Facebook and Twitter, and that they are going to spend the entire day just being sucked in by Facebook and Twitter. So what we did in our platform is that we built an area to help you. So, what that means is, directly from our platform you can post directly to Facebook and Twitter. You can also choose to send those updates or those posts to an email address or a text message, because we know that not everyone has a Facebook or a Twitter.

    Joseph: We get the question all the time is how much should I do, in the way of updates? How many posts should I do? How many tweets should we send out?

    Eddie: Right.

    Joseph: We don’t really get into that, but we rely on other experts to give you that advice, but we can tell you this. If you were to use the 80/20 rule, remember that when you’re communicating on Facebook and through Twitter and through other means. If everything that you push out is sales oriented or promotion oriented or trying to push something on your patients, they are just going to shut you off, because you’re just a burden. You need to be able to, 80% of the time, you really ought to be sending something that is of value to them, or sends a message about something going on that’s fun in your practice. That allows them to identify with you. Maybe it’s a, like you’ve talked about with the five K?

    Eddie: Yeah absolutely. I mean there’s whole different level of things you can be posting. For example like Joseph was saying, maybe if your receptionist is involved with like a 5-K for breast cancer awareness. Encourage people to donate to that race. Or if you are sponsoring a little league baseball team, encourage people to come to the games.

    Your posts really should be more than just appointment cancellations or promos, they should really tell a story about you. And give your patient at better look at who you are. I mean, just another idea of how you can really utilize Facebook, promotion status updates are huge. You know, “the next 20 people to schedule an appointment receive 15% of eye exams” is really, really huge.  Or contests like, “win a free pair of Tom Ford sunglasses just like our page and show in your Facebook wall”, is really an amazing way to attract new customers.

    Now one thing, I mean, just to put that into perspective, a local photography store here in Utah gave away a $3,500 camera, using a contest on Facebook. All people had to do was like the business page and share the contest on their wall. It was three clicks and they were entered. I know that because I entered and unfortunately didn’t win. But they had over 45,000 people enter to win; and that’s 45,000 people that are now fans of their business, waiting for the next camera give-away, and seeing every promotion that they send out. They are really staying on the top of people’s minds.

    So you can definitely use that same thing within your practice. Maybe you’d give away maybe a pair of Tom Ford sunglasses, or something like that.

    Joseph: This ability to actually request an appointment from Facebook is a feature that actually allows us to take your Facebook page to a whole new level. In fact we got a call last year from a guy whose name we recognized and he said, “you know I think I’ve got the social networking thing all figured out. But I’d like to get some help in maybe some other ways and see what you think.” Well, we did help him, and it was this very feature that allowed us to take his social networking to a whole new level. That doctor was Dr. Ed Zuckerberg, as in father of Mark Zuckerberg, father of Facebook. So if he doesn’t know everything there is to know about social networking, and we can teach him a few things, then you know, you’re not expected to know everything either.

    Eddie: Right exactly. You know, there is absolutely no limit to what you can do on Facebook. You know, if one person has 100 friends and let’s be honest, that’s really minimal, when they like or comment on your status, all their friends see it. Suddenly you’ve got a whole new patient base, curious about your practice and your services. Plus there’s a definite overlap that occurs, conversations that are being held about your practice. Conversations like “I didn’t know we go to the same eye care professional” kind of thing. So, the options really are limitless. The next thing I want to touch on is Facebook checking in. And let’s describe a little bit about what that is, because it’s kind of a new thing within Facebook. What that means is that from a Smartphone, I can check into specific locations. For example, when I travel I check into the airport to let my family know that I’m safe, or, if I’m out at dinner one night at a cool restaurant, I check in to let all my friends know where I am, that way if they want to meet up with me it’s something that’s really easy. They know, “Oh you’re just down the street, I’ll be right there.”

    The really great thing is that you want to encourage your patient base really to check in at your office. That way, really your practice name becomes more and more seen on Facebook. So you can do that in a couple of ways. The first, maybe you give an incentive for people to check in. Maybe something as simple as a water bottle. Or maybe USB flash drive, that’s branded with your office name, is really, really huge. Just some kind of incentive to get people to check-in. That will definitely, definitely help. Also, don’t forget about your staff. If you have four staff members, and each one has the average of 200 friends, when they check into your office, that’s 800 people that are now seeing your practice and seeing a little bit about what they do for work. That’s really, really huge. That’s 800 people that may not have known about your services, may not have known that you’re just down the road. May not have known that you have the newest Oakleys in stock. That’s huge, so don’t forget about Facebook checking-in.

    Joseph: Oh, when it comes to mapping, oh I wish we had this 20 years ago. I remember the day when we would have to put a map on the wall and use pushpins to do demographics, when a practice needed information. Because they were trying to decide whether they should open a second office or move the practice, or maybe get a better feel for where their best patients were coming from. Now, with this technology, although you won’t be looking at this every day or maybe every week or month, when you need to know where your patients are, for whatever reason, it’s with a keystroke.

    Eddie: Absolutely. I mean, it’s really great. Because you can actually, you know, every month, go in and say “Okay we’re going to try and attract a new patient base from a specific zip code.” So for example, maybe I want to attract patients in the zip code 84020. I’ve only got 43 patients there. So I’m going to go ahead and send out a mailer that’s once again, maybe something simple like 15% off eye exams. I’m going to send that out to zip code 84020. And then I’m going to come back and check and see if that was really successful. See how many people joined my practice.

    Joseph: Most likely it’s because you’ve already identified that zip code as that area where you’re getting most of your excellent new patients, and you’re trying and to expand on that segment of your practice. But with a simple mouse-over, every patient is identified with their name and address.

    Eddie: Exactly. And you know, just a quick story. There was actually an eye care provider here in Utah that thought that he was a Lehi eye care provider. He thought he was only in Lehi. “Oh, my patient base is only in Lehi.” Well, once we got this turned on, he realized that his patient base was actually not in Lehi. It was actually on the other side, it was actually in Orem, and there was some divider. If I remember rightly it was I-15, where for some reason people just didn’t want to cross that barrier. And so it really helped him market towards capturing people in Lehi, and also encouraging growth within the existing demographics that he was in.

    Joseph: From a social media standpoint, it’s about going where your patients are, or understanding where your patients are and where their world is, and meeting them there.

    Eddie: Couldn’t agree more, couldn’t agree more.  Okay, guys. So that is our presentation. We would love to take any questions that you have.

    Katy: Perfect, great. We do have quite a few questions submitted. For those of you that still have a question and haven’t submitted it yet, this is a great time to do so, in the chat area to the lower right-hand side of your screen. We’re going to go ahead and start out with a question from Marlene here. And currently they are using a similar system in their office. But they’re not happy with the customer service. So they want, and with their current system they can remove inaccurate reviews from the micro-site. So is this something that you offer as well?

    Joseph: When it comes to removing patient reviews, there’s certain criteria for that, and it’s extremely restricted. It usually has to do with being vulgar or inappropriate. It has nothing to do with whether we think, or someone thinks it’s accurate. Those criteria are very carefully guarded.

    Eddie: Exactly.

    Joseph: Aside from that, let me just explain the customer service model. We grew organically 12 years ago, with the first 200 customers, and that was managed by a team of three men. And then as it grew too much for them to handle, they added one more that handled 200 more accounts. And then we did it again. And that model continues today, so that our customer service is so much more than customer service. Because you actually have one individual you work with. So we all them our client success representatives and our customers know who they are. They know their name and they can call them with questions related to everything that we just taught here. To walk them through some of these little idiosyncrasies that sometimes you need help with, and they will know your practice as well as perhaps anyone would.

    Eddie: Right, it’s a great question.

    Joseph: Good question.

    Katy: Perfect and that actually answered one of the next questions of what kind of customer support do you provide?

    Joseph: I like it.

    Katy: Let’s go ahead and take another question here. When patients are submitting their reviews online, or on the micro-site, is that something that can be done anonymously?

    Joseph: Yes, it can. It can be.

    Katy: Okay, perfect. And in regards to the video links that are sent to patients, how do you avoid them thinking that they’ve been spammed. So what does it look like? Does it show what exactly it is, or does it look more like a spam message?

    Eddie: That’s a really great question. You know, the birthday messages that you’re going to send out are 100% customizable by your practice. So, first you want to take advantage of the tagline, or excuse me, the subject line of the email. So, maybe something simple like “A great message from Alpine Eye Care”. Something like that, so that they know it’s actually coming from your practice. And in the body of the message, once again, that’s 100% customizable. It will have images as far as your address, you can include pictures, once again that are branded with your office. I think when people see that, they are definitely going to know that it’s not spam.

    Katy: Perfect, thank you. And we have one more question here. Can you distribute patient reviews to all nine sites, or does each review can only go to one site?

    Eddie: Ah. That’s a great question. So what happens is, let’s talk once again about that process. So someone gets a appointment reminder message, once again reminding them of their appointment or a post-appointment patient survey. At the bottom of that there’s going to be the ability to submit a review, right? Well, we’re going to choose which one it goes to. It can’t be populated to all of them because then you’d have to log into each one separately and write the same review and copy and paste. We want to direct it to a specific site, and once again, that’s helpful if you have say a negative review on Yahoo, you can direct people specifically to Yahoo.

    Katy: Perfect, great. And it does look like that is all the questions. We did actually have one more and that was “Who can I contact for more information about Solutionreach, and get pricing and discuss their needs.” They can go ahead and fill that in on the patient survey correct? And we can submit that to you, next week?

    Joseph: Sure, but the easiest way is to contact the website, Solutionreach.com. There will be a place there for a demo that will give you even more information than what we were able to share here today with just this social networking experience. And then, a qualified sales professional can answer all of their questions from there.

    Katy: All right. Sounds great. Well then that is all of the questions that we have for today. If you do have any additional questions, feel free to submit those, and we will add those to our Frequently Asked Questions that will be updated within the next two weeks following the conclusion of the virtual users group meeting. I do want to thank both Joseph and Eddie for being here today.

    Eddie: Thanks very much for having us Katy.

    Katy: Anytime and we want to encourage all of our virtual users group meeting attendees to join us in Las Vegas, Nevada this September for the focus event, sponsored by Eyefinity.

    If you’re interested you will be learning more about mobile technology and how it can transform your practice. Register today and be entered to win a computer tablet along with a free night stay at the Venetian in Las Vegas. Couldn’t be any more fun than that. Again I do want to thank everyone for attending the fourth annual virtual users group Game On, Social Media and Reputation Management Made Easy, sponsored by Eyefinity. You will now be directed to a brief survey, where you can provide us feedback about today’s presentation; as well as for a chance to win one of the fabulous prizes that’s listed on your screen here. And again, if you are interested in Solutionreach you can either go to the Solutionreach website, or on your patient survey feel free to mark that you would like to be contacted from them, and we’ll make sure to get this information over to Joseph and Eddie. Thank you all for attending today and hope you have a great rest of your week.

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