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What are others saying about their Solutionreach service?

Posted on Jul 30, 2015 by Solutionreach


    “Solutionreach saved our office a full time employee salary! She never took off ill, never was in a bad mood, never took unscheduled vacation… What else could I tell you?”

    - Sherran Bard, Office Manager
    Dr. Michael Reece, DDS

    “With Solutionreach, we are able to communicate with 95% of our patients instantly with ease and accuracy. Solutionreach has paid for itself many times over with the increase in patient retention and significant decrease in wasted marketing dollars. Solutionreach is on my ‘Most Highly Recommended’ list.”

    - Dr. Andy Doerfler, DDS

    Patients LOVE it! With Solutionreach our patients can tailor how they wish to be connected with our office. They already knew that we were cutting edge, but they feel we have taken it to the next level with Solutionreach. Way to go Solutionreach!”

    - Dr. Roger Macias, San Antonio, Texas

    Our recall patients have increased from 80 a month, back when we were manually calling patients, up to 125 a month [64% increase] with no phone calls from us. This frees up time for the front office to work on other things.”

    - Ryan Campbell, Regional Office Manager

    We have been using Solutionreach for over 5 years. This has been the best marketing tool we have ever used. Considering our practice has tried all of them in the last 25 year, I would not be without Solutionreach!

    - Dr. Paul Taxin

    Ensuring your practices’ success is what we are all about. To take your practice to the next level or to make sure you are taking full advantage of all our platform has to offer, take a demo or reach out to revolutionary customer support for maximum results!


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