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What you can Count on From our Revolutionary Support

Posted on Aug 13, 2015 by Solutionreach

    Taking Customer Care to a Whole new Level

    As technology continues to advance, creative minds seem to be ever more creative in dreaming up new products and services to help businesses and practices today to operate and succeed at a higher level than they have were before. But an innovative idea doesn’t always translate into a successful, thriving business. Hands down, exceptional customer service is a critical factor to keeping your doors open long term. Here are a few more examples from satisfied customers as to why we have been in business for over 15 years and are still leading the industry in patient relationship management:

    Dear Michael,

    I’m Tyrone from Campbell Medical Clinic and I deal with the marketing side of our business. I am emailing you in order to praise Alyssa on such superb customer service! She was so courteous and patient with all of my questions and I really appreciated the accurate, step-by-step guidance she gave me when navigating through your website.

    Alyssa even went above and beyond, linking the sites we needed to be linked on our survey and calling us back upon completion. She did it so swiftly, that I wasn’t expecting to hear back from her so soon! If Alyssa represents what Solutionreach is all about, then I can speak from all of us at Campbell Medical Clinic when I say, “We chose the right company to service our patient management needs!”

    Thank you for a job well done!

    Very respectfully,

    Tyrone Orellana
    Marketing Specialist

    “As impressive as SolutionReach is as a product, in my opinion, the real difference between my experience with your company is not just the software or products, but the excellent customer service I receive whenever I call with an issue or question.

    Our account representative is very patient, and talented, and always tries to help us come up with a solution. She really understands what we’re trying to accomplish and we greatly appreciate having her as our rep. As good as the product is, I don’t believe it would have worked out so well without the valuable assistance we receive from our Client Success team.”

    - Dr. G. Rivera

    “Nate and Carmen have been amazing and super helpful in getting us all set up, and made the transition seamless for us. It is SO refreshing to call your offices, when EVERYONE I speak with at SolutionReach is always happy and smiling!  Thank you for a wonderful system and helping our business!  We couldn’t be happier!”

    Monica at Vision Source
    Pendleton, OR

    “Thanks…..for all your fantastic customer service. The year I was with one of your biggest competitors, I never once received a personal phone call to see how things were going. I’ve received, at least, a call a month from Aaron to see if we were doing ok, with him offering his help and support. LOVE IT!!”

    -Kip Orbeck!
    Blanco EyeWorks

    Thank you to…your terrific tech support team. Every one of you have been very friendly, extremely knowledgeable, and tremendously supportive. I recommend your product highly.

    -Daralynn Fleischer
    Practice Administrator
    Nassau Street Dental Associates, LLP

    As a Solutionreach customer, you are provided with a team of Solutionaries dedicated to knowing your practice, how it works, and what unique priorities are important to you. We want to help you take your patient relationship management to a whole new level to ensure your practice thrives and your patients stay happy and healthy. Satisfaction guaranteed!

    We love happy customers! Do you have a success story to tell? Email it to for a free gift!

    If you aren’t yet a customer but would like to learn how we can help you improve patient-provider relationships, decrease costs, generate new patients, and streamline workflows for your practice, contact us for a live demo. We want to see your feedback posted here too!

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