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Why Group Messages Are Better than Mass Messages

Posted on Jun 06, 2017 by Solutionreach

    Communicating with your patients between visits is a great way to keep them feeling loyal toward your practice. But how do you know what to say? Too many emails or texts about your practice can make your patients stop paying attention to the messages they receive. Similarly, if you send too many educational articles that aren’t relevant to your patients, they may start ignoring those as well. The key is finding the right balance between educating your patients and marketing your practice. 

    Segmenting the patient population helps healthcare practices provide relevant targeted messages.One of the best ways to do this is to group your patients based on their similarities, like age, gender, or diagnosis. That way the material you send them, whether it is marketing messages or educational content, will always be relevant. The information in your practice management software can make it easy to find all of your patients with specific attributes in common. This group of patients can then be uploaded into your patient relationship management (PRM) software so you can easily send information that is applicable to them—things like educational articles about treating symptoms of a common diagnosis, or new research about a topic relevant to them.

    Not only will your patients be more likely to appreciate the information because it relates directly back to them, but they will also feel a greater sense of loyalty toward your practice because you have showed you care about each patient’s well-being, not just the revenue you gain from them.

    Creating groups like this is beneficial when sending your practice marketing messages too. Instead of trying to promote your practice to meet many needs in one message, you can really hone in on the specific needs of patients and show how your practice can meet them. By separating your patients into groups with commonalities you can pick specific services or promotions your practice offers that will be most helpful for them.

    For example, sending information about new treatment options you offer for a specific condition to only those patients who have been diagnosed keeps your practice at the front of those patients’ minds. And although they don’t know it, your other patients will be grateful they aren’t receiving promotional information that doesn’t apply to them.

    Creating groups of patients will help them feel a greater sense of loyalty toward your practice because you have showed you care about each patient's well-being, not just the revenue you gain from them.

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    If your patients don’t feel like your practice is offering services that fit their needs, they might start looking somewhere else. But by dividing your patients into groups, you can send them all specific marketing messages, helping them see your practice is a great fit for their needs.

    Communicating with your patients is important, but it’s also important to make sure you are communicating things your patients will find valuable. Once your groups have been created, PRM software can help you easily send messages that add value to all of your patient’s lives. 

    For more information about sending targeted messages to your patients, download our white paper here.

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