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Why Improving Patient Communication Benefits Office Managers Too

Posted on Apr 27, 2017 by Addison Reid

    Solutionreach employees share how patient relationship management has improved their experiences.At Solutionreach, we’re patients too, and many of us have worked at practices and served patients day in and day out.  So we get how important it is to build a connection between patients and providers. It’s why we do what we do. We all have our own stories and reasons for joining the Solutionreach team. I once worked in a dental practice and it was one of the things that led me to believe in the Solutionreach mission.

    Before I joined Solutionreach over a year ago, I was a dental assistant. I loved helping both English and Spanish-speaking patients feel at ease, so much so that I soon moved to one of the front desk positions. After some time, I was given the opportunity to become an office manager and was excited to do so. As a father of two with an amazing wife, I was thrilled for the chance to better provide for my family.

    As the office manager, I saw first-hand that running a practice takes a lot of knowledge and hard work. Often times, those traits are paired with long hours and soon I was working 12-hour days, six days a week. I took advantage of every moment away from work to be with my family, but it was hard because the dental office phone was forwarded to my cell phone. This meant that even after work hours, my evenings were constantly put on hold to answer patients’ questions via calls and texts, and schedule and reschedule appointments. All this extra work to keep our patients happy meant more time mentally away from my family and less sleep overall.

    One particular day stands out for me at the practice. With a staff member out sick, I was answering both front desk phones, translating for our clinical team, and trying to process payment reminders. We got all the way through the busy day and five minutes before closing the doors, I realized we hadn’t called to confirm any of the patients who were scheduled the next day. I sat back down and for the next hour called and confirmed as many patients as I could reach.

    A few weeks after that experience, one of the senior account executives called and explained what the Solutionreach platform could do for our practice. I was blown away!

    The platform would remove so much stress for me as an office manager. It would allow our patients to schedule their own appointments online, which would end the evening phone calls and texts from patients. With appointment and recall reminders, our staff could spend less time on the phone and more time engaging our patients while they were at the practice. I could once again focus on helping put our patients at ease!

    I was so excited that as soon as I finished the call, I called the practice owner to pitch the idea. Unfortunately, he wasn't interested in the platform but I was so passionate about how powerful Solutionreach could be that I decided to see if they were hiring.

    I love sharing my passion for Solutionreach because I know what goes into serving and supporting patients every day.

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    I thought to myself, "I need to do everything I can to become a sales or support representative at Solutionreach so that I can convey to other medical professionals how much time and headache this will save them and their office managers!"

    I love sharing my passion for Solutionreach, and being part of a team that cares about our clients and their patients because I know what goes into serving and supporting those patients every day.

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