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Why our VP of Marketing Loves Solutionreach

Posted on Mar 31, 2014 by Solutionreach

    ...and why we love her!

    Here in marketing, we spend our time trying to ensure that people know about Solutionreach: what we do, why we do it, and how proud we are of the way our platform makes a difference for healthcare. …but we usually work behind the scenes. Big trade shows require lots of people, though, so that’s when we get to step out and join our technicians and representatives “in the field.”

    Last weekend, our team was in New York City representing Solutionreach during the big Vision Expo East (VEE) show, and a few of our marketing gurus were able to join in the fun. This time, our Vice President of Marketing, Kelly Morris, was along for the “ride.”

    Kelly at VEE
    Enjoying the first “ride” she’s taken on the subway in 20 years!

    For Solutionreach, Kelly is more than a voice. It’s common to hear her remind us, “It’s the ripple effect, you guys. Contributing to the success of just one person means contributing to the good things their success brings for all of us.” 

    Kelly works for Solutionreach because she believes in what we’re doing. She’s passionate about our mission. Her presence is a constant reminder of why this is more than another job working for another company; for her, and for all us of, Solutionreach is about changing lives. It’s about creating lifelines for patients who feel isolated once they leave their doctor’s office. It’s about reconnecting them through communication, knowledge, and engagement. It’s about making a difference.

    At Solutionreach, we are working to make sure all patients have a voice. By lending us hers, Kelly is helping us get there. Thanks for all you do, Kelly!


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