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Why Your Patients No-Show: Transportation

Posted on Oct 11, 2016 by Solutionreach

    Number 4 in a 5 Blog Series


    Very few things in your practice are as frustrating as someone who doesn’t show up for their appointment or cancels at the last moment. You’ve already prepped, reviewed the file, scheduled staff, and then suddenly - you’re standing there without a patient to see.

    There are any number of reasons a patient doesn’t show. In this blog series, we are looking at specific reasons patients become a no-show and identifying steps that you can take to prevent this from happening. We’ve already looked at finances, fears, and forgetting, so now we’ll take a look at transportation.

    Hitching a Ride

    Depending on the region of the country you live in, your patients may encounter transportation issues in trying to make their scheduled appointments. Relying on friends and family for a ride to your office may result in disappointment for your patient and for you. Well-intentioned friends can encounter conflicts, and busy family members can forget. Not every community has reliable public transit available, and senior patients may have difficulty using the bus or light rail systems.

    According to an article in The Atlantic magazine, lack of access to transportation can cause many patients to wait until they experience a healthcare emergency before seeking medical care. This is not just an issue for rural providers, but for suburban and urban healthcare providers as well. Transportation is an issue that is often overlooked by providers, but it’s something that is worth speaking about with your patients before they become a no-show.

    Alternatives to Becoming a No-Show

    It may seem awkward initially to ask patients about their transportation situation, but it’s far better to discover a need early on than to wait until the patient becomes a no-show.


    Solutionreach offers an option in partnership with the transportation service Uber which allows patients to schedule a ride through Uber and receive a confirmation of their appointment through the Solutionreach reminder system. Offering this service to patients not only reduces the chance of their becoming a no-show, but it helps to build loyalty and trust with your practice as well.

    Providing a simple service such as this comes at no extra cost to Solutionreach clients. Building trust and loyalty and reducing no-shows is a wise move for your practice. To learn more about ways of reducing no-shows, click here!

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