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You’ll Never Know Until You Ask:  Growing By Reactivation & Referrals

Posted on Jan 22, 2019 by Carrie Webber

    Guest post by Carrie Webber:  Chief Communications Officer & Owner, Jameson

    How to get more patientsA goal that often comes up my in conversations with practices about their needs is the goal to increase new patients.  It’s a common goal, not left to a select few, where the simplest answer people often land on to increase productivity and profitability is to market your practice to grow your new patient numbers month over month.  I’m not opposed to external marketing, in fact I’m a fierce advocate for it, however, I am also a fierce advocate of making the most of what you’ve already got FIRST – growing your practice or business from the inside, out.With the exception of start-up practices and some other unique scenarios, I would recommend beginning your marketing planning by focusing on two primary internal marketing rockstars:  referrals and reactivation.  The great news is that if you have a patient communication software like Solutionreach, you have access to tools that can make this easy and effective. 

    Reactivation.  Run a report on your active patient base—we consider an active patient to be anyone that has come in to see you in the past two years.  Whatever the timeline that you use for this important number is, run that report in your practice management software and compare the numbers—how many are active?  And the big question:  How many are INACTIVE? 

    The New Year is a perfect time to reach out through patient reactivation efforts – emails, texts, etc. – and work to bring those patients back in the door.  Your Solutionreach tools are right there waiting to be a resource in this effort, pulling filters of these patients and sending communications with ease!  It costs significantly more to attract new patients than to keep existing ones—let’s revive those inactive patients and get them back on the schedule!

    Referrals.  How consistent are you (and each member of your team) when it comes to asking for referrals?  If implemented consistently to the point that asking becomes a habit, you will reap great reward in the number of new patients that start their relationship with you with significantly more trust and value in yourPatient referrals are key to practice success work because a friend or family member referred them to you! 

    In your daily huddles, choreograph your day by determining who is asking whom for referrals.  Practice those important verbal skills together as a team so that when those moments come, you become more and more comfortable asking each and every patient.  Utilize the tools Solutionreach offers to ask for referrals via email, to gain reviews by email or text - all of these powerful tools that you already have access to are just waiting to be maximized. 

     In the end, remember one primary key to growth:  ASK.  Ask your patients to return.  Ask your patients to review.  Ask your patients to refer.  The power of the ASK brings the growth you are seeking – all by utilizing the tools you already have and the patient family you have already built.

    If you are interested in watching a pre-recorded demo of the Solutionreach platform, click below. 

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    Carrie Webber

    Carrie Webber

    Carrie Webber is Chief Communications Officer and co-owner of Jameson, a dental management, marketing and hygiene coaching firm that helps dentists and teams become more productive, more profitable and ultimately more fulfilled in their practicing lives. Carrie is a contributing author to multiple publications on the topics of dental business, leadership, marketing and team development, as well as a presenter on these topics to dental professionals nationwide. Learn more about Carrie and the spectrum of services Jameson provides at www.JamesonManagement.com.

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