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Your Story, Your Message

    GettyImages-1226858848There are multiple forms of communication; verbal, body language, and of course printed. Whether the printed communication is electronic or on paper, it delivers your message, your thoughts, and your passions. Today, more than ever, people are seeking information to help them understand who you are, what you do, and what makes your business the right choice for them. Utilizing your patient communication system for external messages to the people in your community and beyond is outstanding.

    What should you share?

    Tell your story. Make it about you and the individuals on the team. Create articles to tell their story, who they are, what accomplishments they have achieved, as well as their interests outside of your business. Educate the readers to help them feel as if they can walk into your business and have a candid conversation with the team there to serve them.   

    Share in your newsletters what new certifications your employees have earned, who is new to the team and what value they bring to the practice. Share information about a patient/customer you cared for and how you were the turning point for their life. Help your community understand the importance and value of coming to you for the care you deliver.  

    Empower your team members to interview a patient/customer about their experience with you. Ask the patient/customer:

    • Why did you choose our business?
    • What were your concerns coming to us?
    • What was your overall satisfaction with the care and service we delivered?
    • What could we have done to be better for you?  

    Discuss the answers to these questions and share how your team will take action to make the business better for this patient and others in your community. Sharing the thoughts of this individual will allow the readers to understand any concerns they may be having that are the same as the patient/customer who was interviewed. The reader will see that the patient was satisfied, their concerns (if any) were addressed, and your team developed an action plan to improve, based on the feedback. This shows your readers, community, and existing patients you are willing to change for the greater good.  

    It is important to always ask for feedback.

    Have thick skin; do not take it personally, take it constructively. Begin to challenge yourself to be open to change and address concerns. Remember, not everyone will share with you their concerns about the business. Take advantage of the people that do so you can evolve and be better tomorrow. Service is lacking in many businesses, or non-existent. It is too convenient for people to consider online products and services. Differentiate yourself and make your practice the best in your industry by delivering better education to your patients/customers.  

    Share the experiences with your community.

    It is not bad to boast or brag when you deliver great care to your patients/customers, it will truly help those on the fence about when to go and where to go, to know you are the right place to do business.      

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    Rick Guinotte, President/CEO Acquios Advisors

    Rick Guinotte, President/CEO Acquios Advisors

    Rick has worked in the optometric field since 1989 – as a technician, optician, receptionist, manager, and as the territory director for 18 practice locations, $13.5 million in revenue and 120 employees. Since 2009, as an advisor, Rick has worked with doctors in all aspects of their professional career, from opening their first locations who have gone on to quickly exceed revenue expectations. He has helped clients relocate, add associates and develop exit strategies. He also gives presentations throughout the United States, Canada and beyond, sharing his insight and inspiring others.

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