See how sending your patients a birthday text is a great practice marketing tool for patient retention and new patient acquisition.
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July 18, 2016

A Birthday Message is Smart Practice Marketing

In order to build and maintain your patient relationships, it’s important that your patients feel like more than just a patient and more like a part of your practice family. If they do, they will continue coming back as well as share with others how you take the time to let them know you care.


Wishing your patients a happy birthday is a simple way to show you care, and that small effort can go further than you may think! Maybe you are already sending a birthday card in the mail. Your patients will appreciate the thought as long as it doesn’t look like junk mail and get tossed in the trash without even being opened.

With cell phones turning into an extra appendage, sending a birthday text is likely the quickest and most effective way of delivering your birthday message. If you enjoy sending your patients birthday cards, by all means, continue to do so, but maybe sending a simple text wishing them a great day as well.

The benefits of a birthday text are two-fold. In addition to letting your patients know you remembered them on their special day and improving patient retention,it is also a very strategic practice marketing move!

The key to this practice marketing strategy is all in the timing. Think about it…if you send your birthday text first thing in the morning when people are trying to get ready for their day or rushing out the door to work, they will receive it of course, but are more likely to think, “Oh, that was nice…” and then get on with their day.

However, where are most people likely to be around noon on their birthday? Maybe at a birthday lunch with their friends or coworkers? Here is where the opportunity lies: They are visiting with their friends and your birthday message pops up on their phone with a cute birthday video from your practice staff. They smile–and possibly chuckle– (depending on how silly you made your greeting), and their friends are curious as to what is so entertaining. Your patient then says, “I just got a cute birthday message from my healthcare provider,” and proceeds to show them the message. Someone is bound to ask the question, “How thoughtful…who is your healthcare provider?”

This approach to practice marketing may sound a bit ‘out there’ but believe it or not, it is actually an effective referral strategy. It’s a win-win. Your patients feel appreciated and you acquire new patients! This is one of those cases when a little bit goes a long way!

Click here to learn more about adding birthday messaging to your marketing strategy..

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