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                        Automated patient reminders for appointments and more.

                        Totally automated. Completely personal.

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                        Patient appointment reminder software that saves time and money.


                        Automated appointment reminders are the quickest and easiest way to cut back on no-shows and connect with patients. One single no-show a day can cost your practice anywhere from $40,000 to $100,000 per provider in annual revenue. Medical appointment reminders can soothe this pain—while making patients happier. Over 80 percent of patients preferring text message reminders. 

                        Text, Email, and Phone Appointment Reminders

                        Most patients no-show because they simply forget their appointment. Really, it’s true! That’s why Automated Appointment Reminders cut no-show rates so drastically (to less than five percent for most Solutionreach customers). Patients can receive appointment reminders that are customized with pre-appointment instructions in the way they choose through:

                        • Text SMS message appointment reminders—with automated name, date, and customizable messaging 
                        • Phone call appointment reminders—recorded by your staff and then automated to the date and time you want 
                        • Email appointment reminders—automated name, date, time, plus customizable images, office info, social media, and referral links 

                        Patients can easily confirm or cancel and reschedule. Trust us on this one—we’ve been doing reminders for almost 20 years!

                        SR Conversations

                        More than two-thirds of patients want to text with their healthcare provider. Don’t believe it? Well we’ve done the research to back that up. We sent the first text in healthcare, and no one knows texting better than us.

                        SR Conversations allows you to provide real-time, two-way text messaging with patients. You can text-enable your landline, both your practice and your patients can initiate text messages, and you can easily see the complete message history and prioritize messages for follow up. A convenient HIPAA consent tool makes it simple to keep conversations going while staying compliant.

                        For patients, communication’s never been easier. Nothing to download. No need to register. Just text and get answers. How awesome is that?!?

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                        Are you sending text appointment reminders to patients?

                        If not, you should be. Here are three big reasons why:

                        1. Ninety-five percent of millennials say they want to receive text message appointment reminders and other texts from your office.
                        2. The preference for appointment reminder text messaging extends to older generations as well. Two-thirds of Boomers want texts from their providers.
                        3. More options = better communication. Add our text appointment reminder service to email and voice calls to totally meet patient preferences.


                        It is so much easier to keep the patients you have than to try to get new ones. Flexible, customizable, Automated Recall Reminders from Solutionreach make it happen. Keep your schedule full and get patients back in for needed preventive care and follow-up care. No wonder practices using Solutionreach increase recall revenue by about $100,000 a year per provider.

                        • Proactive messaging – Solutionreach improves ongoing care for patients by automatically delivering messages before a patient is due for a continuing care appointment. We’ll connect if they’re overdue as well.  
                        • Customizable settings – The content and design of patient recall messages are unique to your practice. Adjust scheduled delivery times, branding, or message text all based on individual practice preferences.
                        • Simplified scheduling – Streamline the scheduling process for patients through Solutionreach’s patient recall. Patients can easily schedule upcoming appointments with a click of a button directly from the recall message.

                        Check out the stats for Virginia Eye Institute!

                        They’ve improved recall bookings with Solutionreach automated messages.


                        appointments booked within the first 30 days

                        $1.6 million

                        in additional appointment revenue

                        Product Notifications

                        How do you let your patients know it’s time to pick up products such as glasses and contacts, dental products and cosmeceuticals?

                        Solutionreach can help you send those patients a quick message to reduce delays for product pickups, and they’ll appreciate the outreach. You’ll appreciate not having to manually make the notifications. It’s win-win.

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