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We're here to serve you.

The patient impact of COVID-19 has been enormous. During this unique and unprecedented time, we've taken an all-hands-on-deck approach to offer providers messaging tools and expertise. 

Some of the tools relieving stress for providers include:

  • Personal two-way texting that enables 1:1 patient-provider communication, as a way for patients to get a quick response from your staff.
  • Targeted group messaging that allows our customers to deliver messages to specific groups of patients, such as the most vulnerable.
  • Community "newsletter" messages to provide broader patient communication in this time where clear and timely information is essential.

If you're in need of tools to communicate with your patients, please reach out via the form on this page or by calling 800-995-8444. We want to do everything in our power to better serve you during this time and help make a difference for you and your patients.

Let's discuss how we can help.