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                      Get patient-specific feedback to improve their experience.

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                      Patients have choices when it comes to their dental care providers. But being able to gather and take action on their feedback will keep them coming back. Measure patient satisfaction with Solutionreach, and you’ll be able to improve the patient experience.  

                      Here’s why Solutionreach does it better than anyone:

                      • Customizable – Surveys are totally customizable. You’re not confined to a pre-determined list of questions. You can get real, helpful feedback. You’ll be able to uncover strengths and (hopefully not too many) weaknesses to make powerful changes for your patients. Customization is key to a successful patient survey.
                      • Automated – Surveys are super valuable, but it can be tricky to find time for the staff to actually do them. So you automate it with Solutionreach. We’ll kick them out to patients right after their visit, so they can easily remember and reflect on the care experience they just had with your team. And they can complete these surveys at their convenience, instead of having to do it in the office. Trust us—automated surveys are the only way to go.
                      • Targeted – Yep. Targeted surveys. That means that you can pinpoint which patients receive which surveys to get you even closer to improving patient satisfaction on an individual level.

                      Net Promoter Scores

                      What is a Net Promoter Score? Great question. It’s a number that illustrates the likelihood that a patient will recommend your practice. Think of it as a single-metric way to check the pulse of patient satisfaction. Solutionreach collects NPS data from your survey results and keeps you aware of your score in the dashboard.

                      Take control of your patient satisfaction.

                      Learn how to proactively manage how your patients feel about their care.