No-shows are a no-go.

Patient reminders are absolutely essential for the dental practice.

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SR Conversations

Send a patient a text about their upcoming appointment or a recall visit or anything else, and they can text back with any questions or comments. You’ll see the whole interaction history right there in the tool. You can even flag the ones that need immediate response to prioritize your follow-up. SR Conversations takes patient reminders to a new level.

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Appointment Reminders

What are you doing to minimize missed appointments? You know the #1 reason patients miss? Simple forgetfulness.

Let’s cross that reason off the list. Solutionreach lets you send appointment reminders via email, text message or phone call to each and every patient on the schedule. We’ll automate them to keep your staff happy, and we’ll personalize them to keep your patients happy too. Automating appointment reminders has been proven to work time and again. And no one does it better than Solutionreach.

Holes in your schedule? Solutionreach can fix that.

As Marie Gambetta would tell you, all it takes is a simple text message to notify patients and fill your schedule.



Recalls, recare - regardless of what your practice calls it, those care opportunities are another one of those forgotten things. We can help you with that also. Solutionreach recall messages work for three big reasons:

  1. They’re proactive - We’ll connect with patients before they’re due for a recare appointment. (We can touch those who are past due too.)
  2. They’re customizable - Branding, delivery times, message content - it can be whatever you want. We’re happy to share best practices, but at the end of the day, you’ll have the message you want for each patient.
  3. Scheduling is so simple - Like click-of-a-button type of simple. Patients get the message and can schedule their appointment right then and there. 

Payment Reminders

Patient reminders aren’t ALL about no-shows. Solutionreach also makes it easier to get paid. We’ll send payment reminders to patients who need to pay their balance, and you can even set those to send automatically once patients hit a certain point. You’ll save your staff from making tedious (and sometimes uncomfortable) phone calls while making sure that money comes in to the practice.

No-shows no more!

Sounds great, right? Let's make it happen.