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                        The Solutionreach success formula is a real thing.

                        Ignore the skeptics. A more profitable practice IS an exact science. 

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                        Like any worthwhile science, there's a formula for success. We’ll help drive more appointments. That’s what generates revenue. Actually seeing patients is why practices are in business. Maximize visits.Minimize holes in the schedule. You’re golden.

                        Get More Patients

                        We’ve done the research. Twelve percent of patients switched providers last year. Looking ahead, 31percent said they were considering a switch. For a “glass half empty” type of person, that’s probably pretty scary. But think of the opportunity to pick up patients from other practices. That movement is a goldmine. If you are prepared to take advantage of it, we’re ready to help.

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                        Increase Patient Visits

                        When you get more patients in more often you improve care and outcomes and your bottom line. There are so many levers that can be pulled here. We can tell you which ones make the most sense and when to pull them. We also show you that they’re working, which is always nice, right?

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                        Reduce No-Shows

                        When you are pushing hard to attract more patients and get more procedures out of your current ones, then those patients better show up to their appointments. It matters to your practice, but it also matters to your patients’ wellbeing. Making sure that happens is absolutely part of the success formula. This battle is won with the right technology and the right ideas on how to use it. We help you crush it with both.

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                        Fill open appointments

                        “Holes in the schedule is the #1 thing that costs us money.” If we’ve heard that once from a client, we’ve heard it a million times. There is a way to fight back. Lots of ways, in fact. You don’t need to lose that revenue you’re counting on. And no one needs to lose any sleep over it either.

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                        Improving Patient Satisfaction

                        We know that managing and improving patient satisfaction feels like such a big task. It seems like someone is always unhappy, and there are so many moving pieces. We really can help you become a patient satisfaction master!

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                        No-shows no more!

                        Sounds great, right? Find out how to make it a reality.