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                        Improve patient experience and satisfaction.

                        Poor satisfaction will cost you patients. We know. We asked. You need to track it.

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                        Keep the patients you have and get more with tools to monitor satisfaction.

                        We know that managing and improving patient satisfaction feels like such a big task. It seems like someone is always unhappy, and there are so many moving pieces. We really can help you become a patient satisfaction master!

                        Patient Surveys

                        How can you know what’s going right and what’s not? We’ll tell you. Patient surveys. They are a must. Solutionreach automates surveys to track satisfaction and get feedback on new services. With patients demanding more consumer services and better customer service, you need to know what to work on or risk losing patients.

                        NPS Tracking

                        Patient satisfaction impacts your bottom line—period. It’s nothing to mess around with. You need to know what patients really think. Net Promoter Score (NPS) tracking provides a single metric to reveal patient satisfaction. Solutionreach shows the NPS on the dashboard so you always know how likely patients are to recommend you to others.

                        Targeted Patient Communications

                        With Solutionreach's targeted patient communication, you can group patients by their own unique situation (say those with high blood pressure or diabetes or arthritis) and send messages addressing those topics. Your messages hit home with patients...leading to better care adherence, more return visits, and happier patients.

                        Solutionreach is the “Perfect Solution” to Engage with Patients

                        Kathi Newman discusses how Solutionreach helps Southwest Children’s Clinic stay connected with their patients through appointment reminders, birthday messages, newsletters, and patient surveys.


                        SR Schedule

                        It takes an average of eight minutes to schedule an appointment on the phone. Eight minutes! That’s nuts. It just isn’t practical for patients. SR Schedule provides 24/7 online scheduling that integrates with your schedule and can be completely customized. A link to SR Schedule can be placed on your website, online listings, social media pages, and in emails and text messages. That’s right—put it anywhere, and make scheduling better for patients and staff.

                        SR Conversations

                        More than two-thirds of patients want to text with your practice. Don’t believe it? Well, we’ve done the research to back that up. We sent the first text in healthcare, and no one knows texting better than us. SR Conversations allows you to provide real-time, two-way text messaging with patients. You can text-enable your landline, both you and your patients can initiate text messages, and you can easily see the complete message history and prioritize messages for follow up. A convenient HIPAA consent tool makes it simple to keep conversations going while staying compliant.

                        SR Smart Reviews

                        The majority of patients use online reviews when searching for a provider. SR Smart Reviews helps you use your strongest patient relationships to build new ones. The best way to do that is with text. Send text message requests for reviews automatically or set it up so staff can directly message patients they know have had a great experience. Solutionreach lets you increase reviews on the two top sites—Facebook and Google—using the setup that works best.

                        Discover the secret sauce of patient satisfaction

                        Compassion based care has been found to have an astounding effect on both patients and practices. How can you bring compassion back to the forefront of your practice?