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                        Create a better experience for both patients and providers.

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                        Solutionreach is highest rated for appointment reminders by KLAS in the 2017 Patient Communications report.

                        Your current patient messaging solution isn’t cutting it. Delivery is unreliable, and the support is worse. Patients still miss appointments and don’t follow through on prescribed treatments. You miss out on revenue and opportunities to improve outcomes and experience. Instead, you get headaches. You need a single solution that informs and engages patients that works.

                        You’re in Control

                        You’re in the driver’s seat here. Set up and manage the Solutionreach PRM platform in exactly the way that makes the most sense for your organization. You can manage every communication, at every level. And see how it’s working no matter how many providers or patients you have. We’ll be there every step of the way with data-driven, proven best practices, and all the features you need to succeed.

                        • Hierarchies and Specialties Management
                        • Roles and Permissions
                        • User Admin and Single Sign-On
                        • Action List
                        • Message Delivery Manager
                        • Dynamic Messaging
                        • Customizable Fields
                        • Analytics Services




                        Inform Every Patient

                        The truth is that the bigger the organization, the bigger the challenges. Hospitals and health systems can have no-show rates as high as 30 percent. That’s why it’s so important to get those messages to patients about their next appointments, how to come prepared, preventive care opportunities, and more. Solutionreach gives you the tools to provide that information in the way that’s best for them, whether that’s a text message, automated phone call, or an email. Read more about how to inform patients effectively.

                        Solutionreach will bridge the gap between providers and patients!

                        Lisa Sershen, Chief Digital Officer at Westmed Medical Group, shares some of the success her organization has found through Solutionreach, including a 50% decrease in no-shows!


                        Engage Every Patient

                        Improving experience and outcomes takes more than reminders. Communication should always be a two-way street. Solutionreach makes it easy to start and continue that conversation. Whether patients are texting a question, scheduling an appointment, or simply making a payment, you have to make it interactive and something they’ll want to do again and again. All while making your staff more efficient so they can focus on providing your patients with an exceptional in-office experience. Learn more about the ways you can engage with patients.

                        Improve Every Patient’s Experience

                        Unfortunately, the bigger the health system, the lower the patient satisfaction. So you have to work extra hard to get that great patient experience. How do you know if patient engagement strategies are working? How do you make sure future patients see that positive feedback? Solutionreach allows you to capture feedback to help you retain patients and attract new ones. The latest research shows that hospitals that have a great online reputation reap the rewards with higher revenue.

                        11 Things Health Systems Must Have In a PRM Solution

                        This checklist explores the different options out there when it comes to choosing a patient relationship management (PRM) software and what to look for.