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Online Scheduling Makes Wishes Come True  NEW


Have you been wishing for a full schedule that happens magically? Online scheduling might make your wishes come true. This infographic shows who wants online scheduling and why and how it benefits your practice.


Patient Switching Is on the Rise  NEW


The retail mindset among patients is growing in healthcare, and this new survey shows which patients are switching providers and why. Find out what is impacting the patient experience and what you can do to maintain patient loyalty.


It's All About the Delivery: Using Text Messages to Reduce Patient No Shows  NEW


Patient no shows are a pain in your bottom line. Reminders can reduce no shows, but it's getting harder to reach patients. The answer? Text messages. Don't believe us? We'll prove it. Check out this inforgraphic on how text messages can fix your no show problem.


See the Power of Social Media & Reviews

See the Power of Social Media & Reviews  NEW


Your patients are engaging on social media and using both social media and online reviews to check out healthcare providers. But many practices aren't taking advantage of this opportunity.


The Road to Effective Reminders

The Road to Effective Reminders


Learn the 6 steps to put your appointment messaging on the right path.


 6 Ways to Retain Your Patients

6 Ways to Retain Your Patients


Do you feel like patients are slipping through your fingers? Here’s your 6 step plan to boost patient loyalty.


Step Up Your Patient Surveys

Step Up Your Patient Surveys


You need to find and keep patients to be successful. What’s the best way to do that? Ask them what they want!


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