Patient Appointment scheduling doesn't get any easier.

Limelight allows patients to book their own appointments from any device, whenever it's convenient for them.

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Limelight Real-Time Digital Scheduling

Unlike other online scheduling software, Limelight is intelligently integrated with your existing software to give patients 24/7 access to your real schedule, so they can book their own appointments in real-time, any time. Our unique technology ensures that they schedule the right appointment type for the right amount of time, doing even more to optimize productivity for your practice and satisfaction for your patients.

Customizable Appointment Types & Lengths

You set an unlimited number of appointment types and lengths, and Limelight patient scheduling software will do the rest. Patients will book the right appointment, for the right length of time, so you don't waste time for your patients or your practice.

Unlimited 'Schedule Now' Buttons

Custom links can be placed anywhere prospective patients may see it, giving your practice the ultimate competitive advantage. "Schedule Now" links can also be integrated into your website, social media platforms like Facebook, Google Plus, twitter, etc., or incorporated into your automated patient messaging sent through Solutionreach.

When it comes to your practice, patient scheduling patients can be a challenge. And that goes for their end of it, too.

It doesn’t have to be this hard — just put your patients in the Limelight. It’s your patients’ time to shine. Make that happen with Limelight from Solutionreach.


Why Limelight?

Limelight will boost your appointment capacity, reduce costs, and dramatically improve the patient experience you offer, while saving you a dramatic amount of manpower in the process.

See Limelight online scheduling tool in action by taking a quick demo with one of our representatives.

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Use Limelight to help your patients self-schedule their own appointments.

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