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                        Meet the patient relationship needs of multiple specialties with one solution.

                        Get the flexibility to do it all and the automation to make it easy.

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                        No matter the number of specialties, get the right message to the right patient every time.

                        Different specialties face different challenges when it comes to patient communication and engagement. In primary care, the biggest challenge might be patient no-shows, while for specialty clinics it might be recall management or patient care plan adherence. How can you tackle all those diverse needs without creating more work for your staff? The answer is a patient relationship management solution that’s scalable and flexible to meet the needs of any size or type of healthcare organization.

                        Appointment Reminders for all Specialties

                        Most patients no-show because they simply forget their appointment. Really, it’s true! That’s why automated appointment reminders cut no-show rates so drastically (to less than five percent for many Solutionreach customers). Send out reminders using patient preferences—text, email, or phone—that are customized with pre-appointment instructions. Patients can easily confirm or cancel and reschedule. Trust us on this one—we’ve been doing reminders for almost 20 years!

                        Recall Messages

                        It is so much easier to keep the patients you have and get them in for needed recall than to try to get new patients. Flexible, customizable, automated recall reminders from Solutionreach make it happen. Keep your schedule full and get patients back in for needed preventive care and follow-up care for chronic conditions. No wonder organizations using Solutionreach increase recall revenue by $100,000 a year per provider.

                        Patient Education

                        Patients forget most of what they are told by their provider. One great way to stay connected with patients between visits and help ensure they follow instructions is through newsletters. Solutionreach newsletters can be customized and personalized so they’re relevant to the patient. There’s none of that “one size fits all” business. Send anything from a series on diabetes care to a message about taking medications as prescribed to a quick newsletter on upcoming office closures or a free screening event.


                        Case Study - Allied Physicians

                        The 35 practices in Allied Physicians Group needed a more effective way to communicate with their patients. Download this case study to find out how Solutionreach improved communication and patient engagement.

                        Read the full case study

                        Patient Payment

                        How many times have you not received payment? Or spent months trying to collect by sending paper statements? Too many. With SR Pay, balance notices can be sent directly to a patient’s phone as soon as you know the patient due amount. The text message includes a direct link for patients to access a secure payment screen and complete the transaction in a matter of minutes on their smartphone using a debit, credit, HSA, or FSA card. Text. Click. Paid. It’s that easy.

                        Learn more about patient pay 

                        Phone Systems

                        It’s efficiency on steroids. Jive and SR Spotlight equals a whole new phone experience for staff and patients.

                        Healthcare staff and patients spend way too much time on the phone. It’s time to fix that. Empower your organization to improve communication, efficiency, and patient experience with Jive and SR Spotlight.

                        Learn more about phone systems

                        Two-way Text Messaging

                        SR Conversations is more than two-way text messaging. So much more. Finally, you can categorize incoming texts and know which ones need your immediate attention—whether you're at the office or the beach. With its easy-to-use HIPAA consent tool, conversations can be both in-depth and compliant. Patients don't have to download an app or register for a portal. The whole thing is just ridiculously easy. 

                        Learn more about SR Conversations

                        Online Scheduling

                        It takes an average of eight minutes to schedule an appointment on the phone. It just isn’t practical. SR Schedule provides 24/7 online scheduling that integrates with your schedule and can be completely customized. When patients schedule, it can tell if they're new or existing patients and adjust the information needed. A link  can be placed on your website, online listings, social media pages, and in emails and text messages. Put it anywhere, and make scheduling better for patients and staff.

                        Learn more about patient online scheduling

                        Patient Caller ID

                        With SR Spotlight, you can not only see who’s calling but all the information that you might need for that call too. Overdue balance. Due for a recall. It’s their birthday. Check, check, check. You can see it all and address it in one easy call. Talk about efficiency!

                        Learn more about patient caller ID

                        Patient Intake

                        Paper is expensive, inefficient, and error prone. And, patients don’t like it. SR Intake offers customizable, digital patient registration that is easy and convenient. Manage and customize forms. Let patients complete the check-in process at their convenience. Upload the data. It's a better take on intake for you and your patients.

                        Learn more about paperless patient intake

                        Surveys and Patient Satisfaction

                        Use surveys to learn where you’re exceeding patient expectations and where you need some work. You’ll get the feedback you need to take action. It’s the only way to get the essential feedback that leads to real change. Solutionreach does it better than anyone.

                        • Customizable - Surveys are completely customizable, the key to successful patient survey.
                        • Automated - Surveys are automated to send after patient visits to complete at their convenience. 
                        • Targeted - Pinpoint which patients receive which surveys to get you even closer to improving patient satisfaction. 


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                        Online Reviews and Reputation Management

                        Consumer healthcare extends the patient experience beyond the walls of the practice. Solutionreach ensures healthcare organizations provide patients with unparalleled access to their personal healthcare through tools such as self-scheduling, a patient portal and a patient app. Whether it’s paying bills, scheduling appointments or interacting with a doctor, Solutionreach empowers unparalleled convenience and accessibility for your patients.

                        Learn more about SR Smart Reviews

                        Referrals and Marketing

                        It’s true more patients use reviews than ever before when looking for a provider, but they also use referrals from family and friends. Solutionreach makes it easy for patients to give you referrals with a Refer-a-Friend button that can placed on all communications. This is one you can set and forget then watch the referrals roll in.

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