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Appointment reminders that actually work.

Totally automated. Completely personal.

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Multi-Site Patient Appointment Reminders

With the most advanced and intelligent reminder software on the market, your practice is able to strategically deliver reminders to all upcoming patients. Based on patient preferences, patients can receive email, text, or phone call reminders, with personalized information or instructions based on the type of appointment scheduled.

This is how you cover appointment reminders in a way that works for both your patients and your staff.

Enterprise Care Adherence

Providers have limited time with patients. This presents challenges for patients, providers, and staff. Patients forget about 80% of what a physician tells them before they get home—making compliance difficult—and more payments are being based on the quality of care and patient outcomes. Make sure patients come in for important follow ups with targeted recare programs and make their appointments with reminders based on their preferences—text, emails, or phone. Then, provide sustained engagement between visits with relevant educational content.

Enterprise SR Conversations

73% of patients want to receive text messages from their practice. Now it's easier than ever. Finally, you can categorize incoming texts and know which ones need your immediate attention. The iOS app gives you the flexibility to keep in touch with your patients whether you're at the office or the beach. And with its easy-to-use HIPAA consent tool, conversations can be both in-depth and compliant.

Patients can even shoot you an image of their insurance card, billing info, or an injury. 

For patients, communication’s never been easier. Nothing to download. No need to register. Just text and get answers. How awesome is that?!?

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Are you sending text appointment reminders to patients?

If not, you should be. Here are three big reasons why:

  1. 95% of Millennials say they want to receive text message appointment reminders and other texts from your office.
  2. The preference for appointment reminder text messaging extends to older generations as well. Two-thirds of Boomers want texts from their providers.
  3. More options = better communication. Add our text appointment reminder service to email and voice calls to totally meet patient preferences.

Dr. Stewart Samuel and Leslie Tarver discuss how Solutionreach fits the needs of each of the 35 locations of Allied Physicians Group.


Multi-Site Recall Management

Intelligent patient recall from Solutionreach maintains high patient volume and increases practice revenue.

Proactive messaging – Solutionreach improves ongoing care for patients by automatically delivering messages before a patient is due for a continuing care appointment. We’ll connect if they’re overdue as well.  

Customizable settings – The content and design of patient recall messages are unique to your practice. Adjust scheduled delivery times, branding, or message text all based on individual practice preferences.

Simplified scheduling – Streamline the scheduling process for patients through Solutionreach’s patient recall. Patients can easily schedule upcoming appointments with a click of a button directly from the recall message.

Product Notifications

How do you let your patients know it’s time to pick up products such as glasses and contacts, dental products and cosmeceuticals?

Solutionreach can send those patients a quick message to reduce delays for product pickups, and they’ll appreciate the outreach. You’ll appreciate not having to manually make the notifications. It’s win-win.

Enterprise Payment Reminders

Simplify payment notifications for your practice through Solutionreach’s patient reminder software and payment reminders feature. 

You’ll have a variety of ways for office staff to remind patients of outstanding balances, including emails and the mobile app. Set up a notification schedule so payment reminders are automatically delivered to patients, helping your practice improve cash flow while saving valuable time for the office staff.

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