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                      One less thing to worry about. 

                      Consistent patient reminders increase kept appointments, recall visits, and more.

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                      Ophthalmology Appointment Reminders

                      The majority of ophthalmology patients don't mean to miss their appointment, they often just forget that they scheduled one. But the missed appointments still have a negative impact on your revenue. So what are you going to do about it? The Solutionreach platform offers an automated appointment reminder tool. Patients can pick a text, email, or phone call, and receive a reminder with specific information or pre-appointment instructions based on the type of appointment scheduled. You can rest easy knowing every patient will be reminded of their appointment and come prepared.

                      Appointment reminders drastically reduce the number of missed appointments, and automating them guarantees they'll happen for every patient every time. Solutionreach is the perfect solution.

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                      SR Conversations

                      You have a busy practice, but a busy life as well. Now you can respond to patient text messages wherever you are—whether you're at the office or the beach (hopefully the latter!). With its easy-to-use HIPAA consent tool, conversations can be both in-depth and compliant.

                      Patients can even shoot you an image of their insurance card, billing info, or an injury. 

                      For patients, communication’s never been easier. Nothing to download. No need to register. Just text and get answers. How awesome is that?!?

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                      Are you sending text appointment reminders to patients?

                      If not, you should be. Here are three big reasons why:

                      1. 95% of Millennials say they want to receive text message appointment reminders and other texts from your office.
                      2. The preference for appointment reminder text messaging extends to older generations as well. Two-thirds of Boomers want texts from their providers.
                      3. More options = better communication. Add our text appointment reminder service to email and voice calls to totally meet patient preferences.

                      Ophthalmology Recall/Recare

                      Making sure patients return to your practice is an important part of a thriving business. If they don’t come back, your practice can’t grow.

                      • Proactive messaging – Solutionreach keeps track of which of your patients are due for an appointment and automatically sends a recare message.
                      • Customizable settings – Your practice is different from all the others, so of course your needs will be different too. With Solutionreach, you can adjust the delivery time, branding, or content of the recare messages based on what works for you.
                      • Simplified scheduling – Save yourself some time by letting your patients schedule their appointment right from the recare messages you send.

                      "How have we lived this long without it?"

                      Dr. Ryan Parker with Parker Family Vision Center tells how SR Conversations has made it easy for his practice to connect with millennial-age patients.

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                      Ophthalmology Patient Payment Reminders

                      Billing. We all have a love/hate relationship with it. You need patients to pay for their recent eye care visit or surgery, but hounding people can feel awkward. Solutionreach makes it easy. With the Solutionreach platform, payment reminders can be sent automatically, without taking any of your staff’s valuable time.

                      Just like your practice is unique, each of your patients are too. The Solutionreach platform allows you to customize the email frequency of payment reminders. Increase your cash flow without spending hours trying to collect it.

                      Product Notifications

                      Patients not only forget appointments, but they also forget about picking up their glasses and contacts. By directly messaging patients, Solutionreach proactively updates patients on any product availability. This way, everybody gets notified, and nobody gets overlooked.

                      No-shows no more!

                      Sounds great, right? Let's make it happen.