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                      Make a spectacle of your ophthalmology practice 

                      Patient surveys help you get real, actionable feedback to improve your practice.

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                      Ophthalmology Surveys

                      Want to know what people are saying about your ophthalmology practice? Sending surveys to patients will help your practice understand the patient experience and work to make it better. After all, the way a patient is treated will help determine if they return to your practice or choose another provider.

                      There are three reasons Solutionreach helps you get the most out of your surveys.

                      1. They're customizable – The Solutionreach surveys can be completely customized according to your needs. You aren’t tied to a pre-determined list of questions, so you can ask your patients for the information you want. This lets you better see your strengths and areas for improvement through the eyes of your patients.
                      2. They're automated – Sending out surveys doesn’t have to be a tedious task. Solutionreach lets you automatically distribute patient surveys based on criteria you choose. Quickly send surveys to patients immediately after their appointments to improve response rates without sacrificing your team's precious time.
                      3. They're targeted – The Solutionreach platform makes it easy to target specific patient groups for surveys. You might send one survey to evaluate the experiences patients have while shopping for eye glasses. Another might focus on patients who were recently fitted for contacts. Targeting specific groups of patients will give you a better understanding of their responses and improve the patient relationship.
                      “The survey functionality from Solutionreach is a great asset because it gives us the feedback we need to make the right changes. The surveys are all customizable, and we’re able to ask whatever we like.”
                      - Amanda Montano, Clinic Manager, Eye Associates of Colorado Springs

                      Net Promoter Scores

                      What is a Net Promoter Score? Great question. It’s a number that illustrates the likelihood that a patient will recommend your practice. Think of it as a single-metric way to check the pulse of patient satisfaction. Solutionreach collects NPS data from your survey results and keeps you aware of your score in the dashboard.

                      It's time to take control of patient satisfaction.

                      Learn how to manage patient satisfaction.