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                      Market your practice so potential patients can find you. And current patients come back.

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                      Patient Reviews

                      We've become a tech-based world. So it's no surprise that online reviews can have a tremendous impact on the success of your ophthalmology practice. Fortunately, we can use that same tech to our advantage. SR Smart Reviews helps you leverage the relationships you already have with your current patients to bring in new ones. A text message with a link to review your practice can be sent to your patients, making it easy for them to leave a review before they even leave your office.

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                      Patient Referrals

                      Don't we all love referrals? They are one of the easiest, most effective ways to gain new patients. With Solutionreach, it is simple to include a Refer-a-Friend button in the messages you send to your current patients, encouraging them to share your contact information. Then sit back and watch your practice grow!

                      Video Testimonials

                      The only thing better than a written testimonial is a video one! Videos will not only boost your searchability, but also your patient base. Solutionreach gives you the ability to record and share videos of your patients leaving glowing reviews about your practice.

                      "A Great Marketing Tool" - Solutionreach Newsletters

                      Margaret Benson of Virginia Eye Institute tells how automated newsletters from Solutionreach have become an essential tool in keeping patients informed, educated, and retained.


                      Ophthalmology Patient Mapping

                      Knowing where your patients are coming from makes it easier to target your marketing efforts. Patient Mapping lets you filter your patients by data or zip code, so you can get the most out of your marketing strategies.

                      Automated Ophthalmology Email Marketing

                      Email is one of the best ways to reach out to patients on a regular basis.  With the Solutionreach ophthalmology marketing platform, you can easily brand your practice through newsletters and emails and increase your patient base.

                      And because it allows you to segment your current patient lists, you can customize your message to be more effective. Sending targeted emails specific to individual patients, you will increase your patients trust in you as their provider.

                      Attract new patients and keep the ones you have.

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