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                      Ophthalmology Online Reviews

                      Nearly everyone (4 out of 5, to be exact) checks out online reviews before choosing an ophthalmologist. SR Smart Reviews makes it easy to make sure your online presence shows potential patients how great your practice is. Solutionreach uses a three-fold strategy to help you manage this:

                      1. Easy access for patients Text messages have a five times higher response rate than emails. So sending your ophthalmology patients a text with a link to review your practice means they will likely see it while they are still in your office. They can click the link and review your practice while their visit is still fresh in their mind.
                      2. Reviews from the right patients SR Smart Reviews uses a proprietary algorithm to determine which patients are most likely to leave a positive review. Pretty cool, eh? 
                      3. Reviews in the right places Positive reviews are always a great thing, but you need them across all the major review sites to boost your search rankings. SR Smart Reviews encourages your patients to leave reviews where your practice needs them the most.

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                      “Solutionreach helps maintain that high-class profile we seek as a practice. It elevates the profile of your practice as very high-tech and cutting edge.”
                      - Dr. Thomas Arnold, Today’s Vision Sugar Land


                      Solutionreach has partnered with Healthgrades, the nation’s number one resource for eye care online provider reputation, reviews, and listings, to help you increase your practice’s online visibility.

                      A Healthgrades profile paired with your Solutionreach platform will make it easy for new and existing patients to find your practice online and directly schedule appointments.

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