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Optical Marketing Today: Strategies for Marketing your Practice in a Digital World

Eyecare Practice Marketing Today

Successfully Market Your Practice in a Digital World

Medical practice marketing is doing a 180.

The time has come to look at the money you’re spending on advertising and the results your achieving with a microscope. While print brochures and ads have some value, if you are relying only on these tactics, you’re missing the boat on all the digital world has to offer for patient communication and patient education.

This free eBook will teach you:

  • Best practices for leveraging mobile & email marketing communication
  • What 64% of marketers see as a critical enabler for products and services
  • Where your website comes into play
  • How to create and implement an eye care practice marketing strategy
  • How to measure and analyze the results of that marketing strategy

Now is the time to rethink, experiment, and innovate the way you market your practice. Get the proven strategies and tools you need to help you achieve your practice growth goals.

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