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                      Online Reviews

                      No matter how amazing your pediatric practice looks in real life, how you look online is just as important. Seventy-seven percent of patients use online doctor ratings and reviews as the first step when selecting a healthcare provider. 

                      SR Smart Reviews helps you identify the patients most likely to leave you a positive review. So you can text a link to your patient’s phone while they are in your office, and you can get those positive reviews where you need them the most.

                      Integrated Social Media

                      Who are your biggest clients? Moms. Where can you find moms? Social media. 

                      Our integrated pediatric marketing automation tools make it easy to post updates, events, educational information, and promotions. Got a video testimonial? Put it online!

                      Patients are more likely to reach out and request an appointment when it’s easy. That's why we provide a Schedule Me button for your Facebook page to capture them where they are, while they’re there!

                      Patient Referrals

                      Mom groups. Family. Friends. The only thing prospective patients pay more attention to than online reviews is the opinion of someone they trust, so Solutionreach makes it easy for your patients to pass along your information! Messaging can include simple Refer-a-Friend buttons and links that encourage your current patients to very quickly forward your information to anyone they choose.

                      Kathi Newman discusses how Solutionreach helps Southwest Children’s Clinic stay connected with their patients through appointment reminders, birthday messages, newsletters and patient surveys.


                      Pediatrics Marketing Automated Email Software

                      The challenges that come with raising a child are hard enough without worrying about their health. Provide your patients with the support they need through eNewsletters, practice promotions, and multi-touch drip campaigns with email automation. Staying in touch with your current patient base will result in greater patient loyalty while bringing new revenue opportunities through the front door with new patient marketing.

                      Video Testimonials

                      What’s better than written reviews? Videos of real, live, super-happy patients! Boost your Google ranking and attract new patients with SR Video, the patient marketing testimonial recording tool that seamlessly posts to your YouTube channel and spreads the Super-Happy Patient Love across the web!

                      Patient Mapping

                      The Patient Mapping tool helps you know where your patients are and where you can target your marketing. Practices can use the advanced filtering capability to see patient inflow by date as well as zip code. With Patient Mapping, your practice will have the hard data it needs to pinpoint growth opportunities and determine medical marketing strategies.

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