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                        When it comes to healthcare, size does matter.

                        Your patient relationship management vendor should get that.

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                        Solutionreach understands that the size of your healthcare organization matters.

                        The Solutionreach PRM platform is designed to scale to meet the needs of any healthcare organization, from a single primary care or dental provider to multi-location specialty group to a hospital. We’ll help you set the system up to reflect your organization and use our proven success formula to define the right goals and metrics for you as well. Trust us. We’ve done this more than any other PRM vendor out there.

                        Formula for Success

                        The Solutionreach success formula has worked for over 25,000 healthcare organizations to date. It’s not always easy, but it’s definitely effective. If you’ll roll up your sleeves and get to work with us, you’ll achieve your PRM goals. We know because we see it happen every day.

                        Inform Every Patient

                        Your size impacts things like your no-show rate and recall success. It’s true. That’s why it’s so important to have PRM solution that can help you get the right messages to the right patients at the right time without adding work. Solutionreach gives you the tools to provide that information in the way that’s best for them—text, email, phone—while also being personalized and customized.

                        Learn more about how inform patients effectively.


                        Solutionreach: Helping You Provide Better Care and Make More Money

                        Solutionreach is 100 percent focused on providing the technology, and the expertise on how to effectively use it, to deliver better care and build a more profitable practice. We did it first, and after nearly 20 years, we’re continuing to lead the way.


                        Engage Every Patient

                        Communication should always be a two-way street. Solutionreach makes it easy to start and continue that conversation. Whether patients are texting a question, scheduling an appointment, or simply making a payment, you have to make it interactive and something they’ll want to do. All while making your staff more efficient so they can focus on patients in the office. Learn more about the ways you can engage with patients.

                        Improve Every Patient’s Experience

                        Your size also impacts patient satisfaction. The best way to know what’s working and what’s not? Ask. Solutionreach allows you to capture feedback to help you retain patients and attract new ones. The latest research shows that healthcare organizations that have a great online reputation reap the rewards with higher revenue.

                        Discover 5 Ways to Personalize Patient Experience without Adding Work

                        This webinar has the answers. Discover some simple strategies to personalize the patient experience.